Alrighty this baffles me, according to docs and dermos AA strike when your younger and can repeat itself later in life, rare that a person in there 40's would have it for the first time.

Well if this is the case, I asked my mum, Mum said I did not have anything of the sort when I was young, then I think to myself why now? or is she crazy and payed no attention... ok maybe if I had such when younger I could be more educated in such and always in my mind I would know it may come back again, But to supposedly get it now for the first time, kida Pees me off,

( anal side of me typing now) as if we don't have enough pressures of staying and looking a certain way as we age, we try aging gracefully, try to stay at peace within ourselves etc.....but then this happens and it's like all the things we worked towards in becoming or trying to be of sound mind and body BLOWS UP .....and do mean literately...

sorry if My anal side lack of tacked when it comes to appearance of having hair offended anyone, it's just the way I feel

ages please when it first happened?

p.s.......thanx in advance

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Hi! I first lost all my hair when I was 5 years old. It grew back completely and then I lost just the back half when I was in the 4th grade(9 years old). After that it never quite grew back completely, Been dealing with alopecia it seems, all my life. I am now 52 years old and have a natural mohawk. All the sides, front and back have fallen out. It's been like this for the past 10+ years.

i was 3 and since then it haven't stopped .

I was 26 when I had one spot, gained about three more pretty quickly.  It took about a year for re-growth, but some of the hair came back in white.  I lost some leg hair too and that never really grew back.

I got my first spots at 13.  They repeatedly happen in the same or different spots.

x audrey



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