i had alopecia areata for the first time when i was 9 years old and i toke one shot and it gone after 15 days it came back again i'm 19 now mayb because i gave eating for 3 monthes "diet" and stress i used to be angry this period i lost like 15% of my hair till now from few spots not so big i'm taking steroid cream and some vitamins cuz drs said the shots has a bad side effects is that true ? and how long i've to wait with out results to change my treatment ? thank u and sry for my bad english

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I would not advise you to take any steroid. It is last thing that you should do. Try PUVA treatment. 2,5 years ago I lost my hair and my eyebrows & eyelashes. After PUVA therapy I got my all hair back. It is over 2 years since this treatment without any patches. It was second time when I got PUVA and I find it is the best treatment as so far... believe me I tried everting. You need to take some relaxation course as well... stress is usually the case. Find some way to work with your mind and deal with tension in your body. There are lots of technic and way to do this. I have had AA for 15 years and I have tried everything what only can work or help me so if you have any question let me know. ;-)

Anna, did you check if you had autoimmune disorder. I too have AA for 15 years, I too tried everything. And now thinking of trying PUVA. My ANA tests are negative though.

The only way for a dermatologist to be completely sure of an AA diagnosis is a scalp biopsy. There will be tons of white blood cells present, hence the autoimmune tie. Not many Drs will go this far though. Many will diagnose with the symptoms---- round patchy hair loss; itchiness, redness, tingling at the affected areas; and exclamation point hairs.

Yes, the every doctor I met confirmed AA just looking at the symptoms. They never did the scalp biopsy and gave random medicines. I read the blogs by members here and reading the treatments they did, I tried diagnosing my AA myself. I went to the lab and asked them to do Vitamin D deficiency test, Biotin deficiency test and ANA test. I have considerable amount of deficiency for which I have started taking supplements. My ANA test is negative. Since lots of the members were able to recover using PUVA, I am thinking of undergoing PUVA too.

I can say that years ago I had a lot of hair loss and took cortisone shots which were not so helpful but, a certain shampoo was (I can't remember the name of it). But, Hair Loss in general is caused by stress, your diet, genetics, iron deficiency, Hair coloring, certain shampoos I noticed can make your hair thinner, certain oils you put in your hair, Hair weaves, Hair extensions, combing your hair while wet, putting your hair up in right ponytail (If done often), using certain hair brushes, eating too much sugar and sodas-No good, using bloy-dryers and curling iron and washing your hair very often-again no good. Also I you need to find a good hair supplement to stop hair loss and/or retain the hair you already have.I use to use "hair skin and nails" supplement from CVS and rite aid for years which was good. But, now I use something called "consult beauty" I buy from qvc and that was very helpful for me currently.I don't use misuses, Hair spray or gels in my hair. I also noticed eating two while eggs 4 to 5 times a week for breAkfast helped. Also you can go on you tube and type in "how to prevent hair Loss" and it will give you a lot of information on what you can put on your hair (some home remedies), and specific foods to eat to stop Hair Loss. Hope this was a little helpful for everyone in general.
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