Today I noticed that my Alopecia had returned. About two years ago was when I noticed it for the first time. 

Honestly- I wish it would have just all fallen out instead of growing back and falling out again. I have always been aware that there was a chance it would fall out again, but never admitted to myself that it was more than likely going to happen. 

I realized today that even though it is not life threatening, for which I am thankful, we all have a disease. We have a disease that we cannot do anything about. We just have to sit here and either put together some organic concoction that we came across on Pinterest, take anti-depressant drugs to control our stress, inject extremely painful cortisone shots into our scalps, or just let it fall out and be bald.

I wrote a post on here about a year ago about how thankful I was that I had this positive outlook about it "just being hair." Even though that veiwpoint  is still there (mostly), I feel defeated. I feel likely outlook is no longer positive, it is now just "it is what it is." I know that it is just hair and that is does not define me or my self worth. It does not define my happiness as a person. It does not determine my career goals. But, it does affect me. I think that is the biggest point here. I think that this time around, I need to address that I am struggling with this. I do not need to always have this positive outlook, sometimes things suck.

Alopecia sucks.

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Comment by Jade2611 on May 8, 2017 at 4:52am

I know what you mean. It does suck big time. And sometimes it's so hard to think 'it's just hair' . It's beauty, femininity, confidence. Sorry to hear that it came back *hug*

Comment by Pat on May 26, 2017 at 11:48pm

I also had full regrowth after 4 years of AU and then in a couple of years I lost it again. There's no controlling alopecia, it has a mind of its own. A positive attitude is great for sure and one I usually have but hey we all have down days (see my latest blog post on my last tantrum) so yes, it does suck big time. If I had a choice yes my hand would be up for hair...but that isn't whats gonna happen so better to cope as best we can and still get fun out of well as having our sad down days too.

Comment by Ally on June 10, 2017 at 9:33am
Some days are just hard. I've started thinking it's a grieving process. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is fake. Fake smile and now fake hair. But I have hope that you come out on the other side someday with acceptance and less pain about it all. You are allowed to have your down days and sad moments. We all understand.


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