Hello Fellow Alopecians!  There is so much info on ordering wigs, however not as much information about the condition of these wigs a few months or a year after they're ordered.  I've had cheap indian remy wigs last me two to three years, and some more expensive European hair wigs last less than a year.  I'm so curious to know how others' wigs are holding up at the one year mark ... would love to see photos and review of one year old wigs!  And please share name of manufacturer, where you ordered, and approx. price point. 

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YES! I am so happy to read this... everyone thinks that buying H.H. wigs will prevent them from looking false, will keep the hair nicer, will look natural, and your post tells the real truth!

Cheap wigs are cheap wigs, no matter if it is human hair or synthetic. There are great options today for synthetic wigs that are way cheaper than any human hair wig, they look great, last well if taken care of, and do not require the constant upkeep of human hair...

You are my new hero!

I bought top of the line synthetic wigs while teaching during the 90s. I used to get Paula Young products to care for those wigs and they would last at least two years of constant wear.

Please I need some advise;

I am desperately looking for a new wig but I don't know which syntactic wig is natural looking in blond and which human hair wig is better there are different kind of hair and I don't know which one is really better. I already have a follea with a worse experience.  I really appropriate any help. Thank you.  

Thank you Aimee I will check them all tonight. 

I had good luck with the paula young wigs and the Dianne Carroll wigs and some shops that would let me try on wigs right at the shop so I could get an idea how long they would last depending on the density of weave to the density of the wig cap. Sharon

Thank you I wish I knew any store in Toronto to go and see them because I only ordered my follea online and it was the worse experience ever.  

Mine wig is around 2 year old and it still looks awesome. i bought from This Website



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