Hello, I hope i get some helpful responses. I might be on the wrong place, if so just let me know. ;)

This is my daughters story: She is a beautiful smart young lady, 13 years old. Looks of course are very important at this age.  Since a couple of months we noticed she is loosing more hair then normal. (since a half year she is dealing with the monthly issues).

Couple weeks ago we went to her pediatrician for her hair loss. you can see that lots of baby-hairs are coming back in, they tested her blood on thyroid and anemia (both came back normal).

She eats pretty healthy, doesn't pull her hair, yes she liked her ponytails and did straighten her hair, but we stopped with that. she is loosing her hair over her whole head, not in patches. Only very stressful time she had this year was when she didn't make the athletics team at school. She stressed about that over labor day weekend. But her hair loss did start already before that.

Pediatrician said to watch it a little longer, come back when she keeps loosing.

Her hair is just now so thin, and we have daily tears here. Called the pediatrician and they scheduled an appointment in an other town. I did research on this doctor, whats not positive. (comments on the reviews are: rude, not a nice office, don't call back to patients out of town, insurance problems). I think its very important for my daughter who is stressed about this whole hair deal to be with a doctor she feels comfortable with. So i called the pediatrician back and they told me, that if i want to go somewhere else we probably end up in Dallas/Fort Worth (6 hours from here). That is not a problem. I want a good doctor to take a look at her.

English is my 2nd language. I hope you understand my story and feel free to give advice or make commends!

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You are not in the wrong place with your post and your english is perfect!

My daughter was diagnosed with alopecia when she was 12 she is now 23 years old.  

Has a diagnosis been given to you around her hairloss??? Do you know if she is dealing with Alopecia Areata or Androgenetic Alopecia, telogen effluvium are some of the hairloss conditions she could be diagnosed with.  It may be helpful for you and your daughter to know which your daughter has.

With regards to good doctors it seems that you are being very proactive and thoughtful around your choice and this can only bode well for you and your daughter.  Good luck with finding one that fits your needs

My daughter has alopecia areata as I have said, but her initial hairloss was diffuse and all over (she never had patches of loss, during her first hairloss episode).  In her case her hairloss became extensive and has been an ongoing issue for the last 11 years.  

I feel I understand about hairloss and the emotional trauma it causes.  If I can help in anyway, even just by being an ear to let you vent your worries and concerns please feel free to contact me or just leave a message here with any questions you have.

You are doing a great job as a mum, carry on looking through this site as there really is a lot of information that can be extremely helpful.



I understand what you are going through - my son was 19 when his hair loss started and it really led him into a depression. Stay positive and try helping your daughter focus on other things while you wait for your doctor's appt.  In the meantime, you should be able to visit a Naturopath or other alternative medicine provider and get her started on a healthy diet and perhaps vitamin supplements.....

Hang in there and best of luck!

I suffered with my son's hair loss for several months and discovered that fluocinonide .05 percent causes hair regrowth within 2 months when used twice a day every day.

It doesn't work for everyone but worked for him. He also was completely bald, and started with triamcinolone acetonide and it all grew back. Fluocinonide made it grow back much faster. It is worth a try.


Thanks for keeping us posted.  Great to hear you have found somebody you feel comfortable with.  Let us know how you get on.



My daughter going to be 14 this month is losing hair aggressively, 30% in last 4 months. Love to get some information on what has worked and what has not. Appreciate any help. Thank you very much. From and very concerned parent. Thanks 

Hi, My daughter is going to be 14 this month. She has started to lose hair and pediatrician not able to figure out why. She has lost 30% of the hair in 6 months. How is your daughter? Any tips on what we should try. Thanks very much. Very stressful time for all of us.



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