Help! I want to try these sexy lashes on but of course I have no lashes to apply them any tips would be helpful before I ruin them!.....I hear people talk about lower lashes ...I can't figure out to put on the regular ones!

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My daughter uses duo glue to apply her eyelashes and she finds it easier when she doesn't have any eyelashes. So trust me it can be done. She is 17 1/2 and has worn false eyelashes and eyebrows since she was 16 years old. Libby doesn't wear the bottom eyelashes as she finds eyeliner with a little smudging looks good. She has tried them though and they looked pretty cool. Just up to how much time you have I guess.

Hope that helps.

Hi Lorena

I found this information in one of my files. Hope it helps you and others.

Applying False Eyelashes

Tools for Applying Eye Lashes

 Tweezers
 Glue
 Eye lashes – Upper and Lower
 Small scissors
 Eye lining pencil
 Mascara
 Toothpicks
 Eye lash comb

Application for Top Lashes

1. Pull the eyelashes off the package
2. Hold the eyelash up to your eye to see if you need to trim it. You need to trim the end of the eyelash to fit the width of your eyelid, or you need to trim the overall length of the lashes if they are to long. Make short jagged cuts to help create the illusion of real.
3. New eye lashes have a bit of glue on them from the package. Be sure to pull this glue off before you start to apply the lashes.
4. Line the edges of your eyelids with eyeliner. Start with the upper lid, and get as close as you can to the bottom edge of your eyelid. Then line the lower lid.
5. Squeeze a thin line of eyelash glue onto your finger. With a pair of tweezers, pick up the eyelash in the center and drag the edge of the eyelash through the glue on your finger. Put a thin coat of glue on the edge of the eyelash.
6. Let the glue sit on the eyelash for one minute before trying to apply it to your eyelid – until it gets tacky. If you apply the eyelash before the glue is tacky, it will slide all around. If you wait too long, it will be too dry to stick.
7. Lift the eyelash to your eyelid. Place it as close as possible to the bottom edge of your upper eyelid. Press the eyelash to the middle of your eyelid to get it to stick. The, use the tweezers to place each end of the eyelash on the ends of your upper eyelid. You may need to adjust the entire lash a bit.
8. Reline eye lid, if necessary. Use mascara, if desired.
Application Steps for Lower Lashes

1. Cut lashes into lengths that suit.
2. Clip edges so that they are shorter at the edges of the inside and outside of your eye.
3. Drag edge of lash in glue. (You won’t have to wait if using glue from applying upper lashes.)
4. Apply first Piece to corner eyelid, then apply 2nd and 3rd pieces.

Additional Tips

 Clean glue off daily – just pull if off with your fingers
 Clean mascara (or glue) off of lashes with lash comb
 Lashes last for approximately a month
 Bring a tune-up kit with you – glue, tweezers and toothpicks, in case you become “unglued”.
 Duo glue is highly recommended.
 The glue that comes with eyelashes from has worked well with people who have had previous allergic reactions.
 You can find eyelashes in many chemists, beauty supply stores and make-up outlets.

Websites that may help with sourcing false eyelashes – Upper and lower eyelashes – Glue and adhesive removal - Upper and lower eyelashes – duo glue
In Auckland Mac cosmetics is available at The Chancery, Smith and Caughey – New Market. I have found this brand of make-up to be long lasting and of good quality. – La femme upper eyelashes – upper eyelashes
Vendors on the Alopecia Areata Marketplace,




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