i would love to hear from people that have looked into western medicine treatments. i went to a natural chinese medicine place today with my daughter just to check it out and found it to be very interesting.

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Hey Megan,

I am a medical doctor and have tried many of the Western treatments for this condition, as well as some of the alternative!

What can I tell you?? Western medicine has no solution whatsoever. If your Chinese medical therapist believes they have something useful, please let me know!!

best wishes,

Polly x
Autoimmune diseases affect the whole body, Eastern medicines look at the whole body and use the idea that everything is connected, so in many of our cases I think that Eastern medicine is not just useful but absolutely neccessary. However, it is best that you and your daughter see a very well educated Doctor, trained in both Eastern and Western medicine ideally. You wrote this post a while ago now, I am wondering if you have found anything else out and where you went for treatment if any? I am always looking for new treatments and the best come from word of mouth I think.
Hi Megan:

After trying lots of medical treatments which do not work in the long term now she is in treatment with accupunture, no needle is put on her but on me and I it seems to be working, her head is already full of tiny white hairs. The last time her hair regrowth almost all it was the same, white hairs first and then little by little brown hairs all over.

The doctor that is doing it is an MD but he works with alternative methods. If you need more information do not hesitate to write me,

Hi Estrella my name is Tony from Toronto father of a six yr. old girl who first started at four with a little spot yr. later lost all her hair and eyebrows. She has since grew back all her eyebrows and eyelashes. We are currently taking her every Monday morning to a hospital which was recommended by a leading doctor at sick kids who has done many studies on alopecia , we were aprehensive about but its natural-non medical procedure in saying that me and my wife were curious about procedures you've gone through, any information would be helpful as we are strong believers in the body repairing itself without evasive drugs. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
I would be very interested in what alternatives people are trying. Our doc has chromedome using Biotin -- natural vitamins for hair and nails. But, I would be very interested in accupuncture and other alternative treatments! Chromedome had a pretty sever bout of AA jsut before kindergarten, but had complete regrowth without any treatment other than vitamins, treating his allergies and asthma. But between 4th and 5th grade he began losing all of his hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows and has been diagnosed with AU now.
Hi Shelley:

You can have more information about the alternative treatment I try with my daughter in www.drkimcostarica.net, if you have more questions just e mail me

Thanks, so much! I will look at it.




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