I lost my hair when I was 5, I always said "when my hair grows back I'm gonna ride all the big rides and rollercoasters at a theme park".

Well I'm 38 now and my hair hasn't come back. So I got sick tired of not riding the rides I want to because my wig would come off. Why should I worry about strangers and their prying eyes think? I won't see them again. So last week I went to Alton Towers (large UK theme park), I left my wig at home and I rode all those rides and rollercoasters and I got pictures. I had a FANTASTIC time and I'm going back soon to ride their new 14 loop rollercoaster. Over the years I built in my head how scary this would be but it wasn't as bad as I thought, apart from this time the only people who seen me without a wig was family, doctors and my hubby.

http://m1272.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/lafoomoodle/image_zps...Enjoy yourself folks life is too short.

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That is fantastic! So glad you did it and had fun!

That's wonderful! I had the same problem when I went on a holiday to the Gold Coast this year. I didn't go on a lot of the rides because I was scared my wig would fall off. The rollercoasters I did have the guts to go on, I tied a head band over my head really tight (to the point of giving myself a headache) in order to keep my hair on. And when staff would tell me to take it off, it was annoying and embarrassing to explain that my 'hair would fall off' if I didn't keep this head band on while I assured them it wasn't going to fly off and kill everyone. I should have just taken it off like you! Bravo to your courage!



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