Hi All!  

It's been quite a few years since I posted although I do read posts, articles regularly.  I need advise and thought who better than others with alopecia!

My daughter has had AA since age of 3 going through years a very active AA and less so.  For the past 3 years she's been seen by an excellent dermatologist at the University of Miami.  Besides the usual steroid shots/topical foam, she has also prescribed Quercitin tablets daily which is an over the counter antioxidant/anti inflammatory and it seems to be helping to keeping her active Alopecia bouts contained.

Well now my daughter is a lovely teenager and is asking me about birth control.  We have an appt next week and I know that the most likely recommendation for a young woman her age is Oral Contraceptives. In the back of my mind is the concern that they can kick the AA into gear again.

Has anyone had experiences with this or discussions with physicians regarding the best options for birth control.  My gut feeling is that most practitioners won't have AA on their radar.

I appreciate your input!  Thanks! 

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I hope others respond because this is a great conversation to have. There are so many different triggers that it's difficult to say for sure. I interviewed a lot of people for a book I wrote about alopecia, and while talking with several of them, I did discover a common occurrence with contraceptives (specifically Depo provera) and their onset of alopecia areata. I think it's important to voice your concerns with your practitioner about autoimmunity. It's in their best interest to research it and learn more after you suggest it to them if they don't already have it on their radar. Good luck.

I hadn't had alopecia from ages 20-35, then suddenly got hair loss again within a week of taking the pills. Doctor told me to immediately stop using them. By the way...my alopecia continued after that. Within five years I became AT, then AU. Currently, I am 64 with reverse ophiasis (white, wispy ring of hair that only grows 2" at most), with sparse eyebrows but good eyelashes. Arm and leg hair is virtually gone. I never took the pills again, but now I doubt if I will ever have head hair again. I survive professionally and socially by wigs with decent elastic (there is nothing on top of my head for pinning). However, dating at my age and wig-ness has been sketchy.

Which dermatologist in Miami did she go to?



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