Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to start logging my personal journey. 

Currently, I am using the Autoimmune protocol/elimination diet. I started this diet on February 5th. My desire is to see hair regrowth naturally by changing my diet. I've noticed some changes thus far.

A brief history:

7 years ago I remember having a circular bald patch on my chin. This grew back in a few months.

In August of 2014 the circular bald patch appeared on my chin, once again. I assumed it would fill in like it did before. However, it expanded and another spot formed on my chin.

In September (8th) I had an interesting experience: a tooth filling (amalgam) cracked in my mouth and I remember digesting a metallic like substance (mercury).

On the 8th of October I began to realize I was shedding a lot of hair in the shower. The rapid-shedding continued and I went to the barber towards the end of October. The barber took a low guard to my head and that revealed multiple, small, circular spots. I remember my barber saying that it looked spotted, like a leopard. I decided to have her take a razor to it and sported the bald look. 

In mid-November I realized that my eyebrows were thinning and that I was loosing eyelashes. My facial hair also wasn't growing. By the end of January I was down to my last few eyebrow hairs, no lashes, no head-hair, and I had lost a majority of my body hair. Traumatizing! 

I currently have patchy hair on my arms/legs that is slowly & steadily falling out.

I have a family history of autoimmune disorders including alopecia. 

The diagnosis from my dermatologist is AA trending to AU. His recommendation is to start taking Xeljanz.

Above I mentioned mercury via amalgams. While I don't think it's the culprit I believe that it was a aggravating factor that added to the trigger. Therefore, I had 4 of them removed via a holistic dentist.


Back to the Present:

As of February 5th I started the AIP. For those of you who don't know what the AIP diet is, just type it into google and you'll get a ton of information to look through. It's simply an elimination diet to cut out things that may be triggers. Some individuals with autoimmune issues have experienced amazing results via this lifestyle change. 

Above I mentioned that I had total hair-loss besides some patchy hair on my arms/legs. By mid-November my facial hair stopped growing and it wasn't until early this month that I noticed regrowth. So, after 1 month on the AIP I started to notice white hairs growing, all over my face. I also noticed 4 black hairs grow on my right eyebrow with some white hairs on both. 

Today, I had to shave the white hairs on my face because they were getting noticeable long. Only a several had pigment. 

I'm still trying to find my groove in this diet but I'm becoming more and more sensitive to foods and how they make my body feel. 

I believe that we can potentially calm the immune response and see regrowth via altering our diets and sticking to it. 

I will continue to post updates every-so-often. 

Can those of you who have went this route, chime in? 


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Hi Beth,

Sorry so the arvedic stuff totally conflicts with IP and anti inflation stuff I've been told before so have decided not going wtih it. For example they suggested sweet fruits and I've had hard time with. Plus more grains and soy. So I more try  AI Paleo like a natro told me last year- no grains,legumes, refined sugars, etc.: Nuts, Eggs, Alcohol, Dairy, Nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.), Seeds, Fruit (in some cases - liek some fresh beeries and gran smith apple(low sugar) ) Plus had friend who cured herself from thyroid issues with in part getting courius veggies each day cooked and seaweed, so I try eat it when I can.

Supplements:  Vitmin D3 with k to absorb, good mulit that is food based. Biotin (big for hair - but taken forever and nothing) Silica, Boron and selenium.   Iron (this is big for women) I've been told in past contact donate blood because i was too low.

Herbs - Ashwandha, provillis, nettles too Ginkgo biloba and licororish root.

Also one part I am doing for Arvedic is sesme oil on scalp (1 doctor wanted me to do Castro packs - can look them  up for healing, but doesn't smell good)   Plus to try go in sun and sunlight on my scalp but i feel embarrassed to do at park.


I am taking tumeric right now because I have lot pain inflammation issues with my hands/wrist and hard cause I work full time on computer and go to school. Also she told me no chicken because high inflammation too..do you do anything different or have any other health stuff you follow diet for? I also get Eczema and heard diet is good. Also just for safety always good check on meds and if they counter with herbs or doctor for interation. Or try to talk with AIP person if feel like over year and maybe they'd had good imput, but I know is so $$. And frustrating when I feel like i know about alopecia than most doctors.


Wow. Thanks for sharing! I'm considering looking into a diet like this, as I'm newly diagnosed with Alopecia, though what type is yet to be determined. I'd love to find a holistic solution if at all possible. I hope you enjoy further success. Keep us posted!

ANy update on growth?

Hey Newlydiagnosed, no new regrowth to day. It was in April that I started to have white terminal hairs (some black) start to grow on my face. I started the diet in Feb. The white (some black) hairs are still growing on my face. I do have tiny white hairs growing from my eyelashes, as well. Not much regrowth in other areas. 

Any update on your progress at this point?

Hi AIPers, just wondering if any of you have any updates for us?

Arun, how are you doing after like a year and a half?

Beth, are you seeing any positive changes?

Lea, Would love to hear more from you!

Hi I don't have any big updates, thought couple months ago have lot little hairs back my head. But have come out, really thought for bit was on to something. Have had other health challenges though and just trying to be more healthy. Maybe hair will follow. Others Around, etc. Thanks. Be well & hope having good summer! -

Hey! Any news? :) 

Hey Arun B! So two years later, is this diet working for you? Would you share your results?

I did the diet to the T. I lost about 20 lbs in 3 months and I looked gauntly. I felt awful and weak. Although I did see some regrowth during the diet, I lost it again when I got off. Everyone told me I looked sick when I was on it. I went back to eating healthy foods and got my happiness back, my face regained its fullness with rosy cheeks and I feel a thousand times better. I wouldn't recommend it. I have been off of it for 6 months now and I am still losing tons of hair.... sometimes areas grow back...... some don't. My advice is be happy and do what makes feel the healthiest.  

i do not think it can  resolve alone this patology, you must see other streets:


vitamin d



etc etc 



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