I feel like Alopecia temporarily stole a part of who I am and I hate that. I recently developed Alopecia and a few months after I got engaged! This is supposed to be one of the happiest times in my life and for a while it defiantly was not. I kept thinking Im going to be a bald bride!!

But he loved me with my hair and he will love me without my hair. He told me my Alopecia is what gave him the courage to propose. He had bought the ring and was trying to find the right moment. One night I had a melt down. It alllll came out, everything I was holding in. I was scared and angry and I could not hid it anymore.

The next day is when he asked me to marry him. It was a moment I will never forget!! It was like all my fear and anger went out the door! I guess all along I was more scared to loose the person I loved and to doing this alone rather than loosing my hair.

Now, months later the hair still seems to fall. The spot continues to grow, but I have a smile on my face. I have the man of my dreams by my side and so much life left to live. Some times you have to look at all the things you do have rather than the one thing you don't have. I hope everyone out there finds someone who makes them feel as loved and beautiful as my Fiancé makes me feel :)

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Lovely story...thanks for sharing. I wish you well for your wedding and your life together.


I love your story and find it similar to mine, I started losing my hair when we first started dating and he has been with me throughout all the drama. I find my strength in our love. I wish a wonderful wedding :)

awesome :)

Thanks for sharing your amazing story! I'm going to propose to my girlfriend tomorrow. Have an amazing wedding!

What a beautiful story. Congratulations on the engagement.

Great story; great attitude!

Ur so lucky! Its hard to meet someone once ur bald, its different if u knew the guy before u was bald. I just feel why should i make a guy be with me when he can have a girl with hair.

Totally feel the same way, and have done since I began my chapter as an alopecian. However, I think for us, the paramount concern should be learning to love ourselves; then, maybe, we can begin allowing others to love us - until that day comes it will only end in tears! I hope you find what you're look for! But, please, focus on yourself and it time you can reap the benefits!

I used to think the same way.  But then I realized that we need to stop looking at having no hair as being a bad thing. Don't EVER feel like you don't deserve a guy because you have no hair.  If it becomes an issue, than it's the guy that does not deserve your beautiful self.  

I met my boyfriend once I was bald.  I hid my condition from him for a couple of months and basically hid under my wig because I was ashamed of it and afraid he would leave me. However, he kind of figured it out because I never used to let him play with my "hair", which was my wig and I never used to put my whole head in swimming pools or beaches. I was so uncomfortable about the topic but he felt like I was keeping secrets from him so I felt I had to tell him. One day when we were together he just took the wig off of me without my permission and started kissing my whole head.  He calls me his Amber Rose and a big reason why I came out with my Alopecia to the world was because he was one of the people that helped me realize that with hair or without, beauty comes from within. 

I just feel the same and it always makes me sad.

This is beautiful.
Searching for the silver lining (and I mean really searching!) alopecia is a great commitment test. I think it really shone light on what type of man my boyfriend is. It sounds like you have a great one.
Know that there are great wigs out there, you have the face to be bald, and that your hair might do a 180 and grow back. Whichever way it works out you'll be a gorgeous bride and more important you'll be entering a very loving marriage.

Thanks Hayley and everyone else for all your kind words! I have great news...I have re-growth!! It started as fuzz with no color and did not seem to want to stay but after a few months it became darker, thicker, and continues to grow! Although it kind of looks like a rats tail! I rock it though! If Rihanna can shave half her head and make it sexy why can't I rock a rats tail?!

Its coming up on a year sense I was diagnoised and looking back its been a long journey. I have made so many changes to my health and lifestyle and it seems to be paying off. I won't lie, I am still scared at times but I know now that I have the support of my friends and family and all of you to help me along in tough times.

Im getting married in exactly two months from today and I could not be more excited! No matter if my hair is here or not it will be an amazing day!!! 



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