I feel like Alopecia temporarily stole a part of who I am and I hate that. I recently developed Alopecia and a few months after I got engaged! This is supposed to be one of the happiest times in my life and for a while it defiantly was not. I kept thinking Im going to be a bald bride!!

But he loved me with my hair and he will love me without my hair. He told me my Alopecia is what gave him the courage to propose. He had bought the ring and was trying to find the right moment. One night I had a melt down. It alllll came out, everything I was holding in. I was scared and angry and I could not hid it anymore.

The next day is when he asked me to marry him. It was a moment I will never forget!! It was like all my fear and anger went out the door! I guess all along I was more scared to loose the person I loved and to doing this alone rather than loosing my hair.

Now, months later the hair still seems to fall. The spot continues to grow, but I have a smile on my face. I have the man of my dreams by my side and so much life left to live. Some times you have to look at all the things you do have rather than the one thing you don't have. I hope everyone out there finds someone who makes them feel as loved and beautiful as my Fiancé makes me feel :)

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If you really care if you do not have a black hair, then you can come here and look. Maybe you can find some of your favorite WIG here. I think some of the wig is still in very good shape.

Hello, just read your comment and its touching. I was also a fiance with alopecia and a bride, approaching the big day i was worried that i may not be able to cover my bald patches. i just wanted to me the old full of live me again just for a day. in the end i had a friend style my hair just how i wanted it and i can honestly say i looked great and got my wish of being the old me for a day. in the pictures you cant tell that i had alopecia. best day of my life..

i wish you all the look in the future :)  

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Thanks for your post!

I had the same problems - depression, frustration, drinking... But one day I understood that anybody except of me is going to change it. Started workout at gym, went into the Picky Pickleball (here is some info, nobody knows about that sport https://www.pickypickleball.com/) since then I had lots of gorgeus gorls and adventures.

Life doesn't ends on Alopecia, lads. Good luck to ya!

I mean engagements that last longer than a year. 
Someone on here told me that if your engagement is longer than one year then you aren't ready to get married. 

Um, why?



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