I've had AA in my beard for almost 6 months now and have many light hairs in the patches with very little black hairs returning. Does anyone know if these light hairs will turn black at some point? I've tried growing my beard out but the patches still show up. Does anyone have any advice?

Thank You

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I hope this message finds you in hopeful spirits. I created an account just to reply to this thread. I got hit with with alopecia barbae on my face and on my eyebrow in Nov 2016. I never went to see a doctor and I never took chemicals. 

For 1+ year I shaved everyday and lost confidence in myself. There was a point 6-7 months in, I couldn't look in the mirror. I had 2 big patches on the right and left jaw line and almost half my eyebrow on my left side was gone.

I did some readings on naturopath and spoke with a girl who was studying to be a naturopathic doctor. For about another 6-7 months, I used lavender oil to put on my patches. I also drank cayenne pepper and tumeric 4-to-6 times a day. i ate raw garlic cloves (sucked)  , overloaded on vitamin d , did a lot of body cleanses. I also went to a clinic that does colon flushing. the clinic put a tube up my a** and flushed all the bad stuff out of my body.

My facial hair grew back, my eye brow filled back in . I haven't had another remission since. I still drink cayenne pepper , not as much as I should but consume it often with foods. 

alopecia is tied into the immune system. you have to get it running on all cylinders 

Hi James, thank you very much for your kind reply and advice! I have recently been using Minoxidil and noticed some hairs coming back. However I have many light hairs also and wanted to ask u how it was when the hair grew back? Do the light hairs turn black after or do they grow back as normal? I look forward to your reply 

after 6 months of trying to heal from the inside out, not outside in, i first noticed some small black hairs. it took me about another 4 months to fully recover with all my facial hair 

I have AA and I am having treatment in an attempt to get my hair back. My doctor has told me that if the hair grows back it will most likely be very blonde (I'm usually a brunette) for a period of time and then may fall out again but grow back brown, or start growing brown at the root until the blonde has grown out so according to that you beard should become black but it will take time. In the mean time my only advice would be to check with your doctor to see if hair dye would have a negative effect and if not hair dye it. I have a family member who uses a coloured hairspray to cover greys - something like that could also help whilst you wait for the natural black. Hope this helps.

Great post! Thanks for sharing. You can have a look at the human hair wigs



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