My 9 year old daughter has had hair loss of her eyebrows and eyelashes. She does not have any hair loss on her head or anywhere else on her body. We have tried different creams from the pediatric dermatologist and nothing has helped. We are grateful she hasn't lost any head hair and my daughter does not seem to care about the the loss of her eyebrows or eyelashes...Yet! Has anyone else just had a loss of eyebrows and eyelashes only? They seem to start to grow back sparsely and then all of a sudden they are gone again. Very frustrating!

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Hi, First of all sorry for my English.

My daughter (she is 11) loss her eyelashes completely. She has no eyelashes but she does not have any hair loss enywhere else. We had few appointments with dermatologists. One of them suggested to use medicines like Protopic steroid ointment and Lumingan eye drops for glaucoma (because of bimatoprost). Nothing helped. We also used Revitalash -no results.

We also tryed to keep low gluten diet but we cant see any progress.

Is any from You who have eyelashes back?? I dont know what to do idea how to help my daughter

My sister has just given birth to a baby girl. She looks beautiful but her eyelashes are not. We showed it to the dermatologist and he told us to use castor oil. he is advised to use Careprost when she is 12 years old.

Sorry but no lashes or an eyebrow on a newborn baby is NOT alopecia. I know you’re trying to help but Caster oil? Come on. Those that suffer with alopecia are well beyond castor oil.



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