I went to dermatologist 1.5 years ago due to hair loss and he said it is stress related due to exams and that it will pass. Another dermatologist 7months ago said the same.

Finally last week I was diagnosed with alopecia ophiasis pattern. It is not as common as other types so they all missed it.

Has anyone had successful treatment of it? I have read that corticosteroid therapy is not efficient but PRP treatment might help.

I am 26 years old female btw.

I appreciate any feedback.

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Can't imagine how anyone could have "missed" it. At least if it has progressed to a certain point where it would become troublesome.  I have zero hair on the nape area and up around my ears.  There would be NO mistaking it, or "missing" it.  I know it is not one of the common types, but it clearly shouts it's presence.  " There is no "treatment" for it.  It is what it is.  

I honestly don't know. Maybe because when I first came 1.5 years ago I went only because I was seeing a lot of hair while showering so it was only very early stage. Doctor said it is stress related. Since nothing helped I my nape hair was thinning substantially I have went again and now he said that it looks like ophiasis pattern although he is not 100% sure as I do have some hair in nape air so it is not completely hairless area.

I didn't have money to pay for doctor which is not covered by my insurance but I will definitely go to consult another dermatologist now.

Thank you for the response!



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