My 2 year old son went to the Derm doctor and they want me to try this lotion called Triamcinolone Acetonide Lotion..I would like to know if anyone else tried it and if it worked? I get very nervous about putting my kids on meds...is their really anything that works anyways?...Also when i was at the derm doctor i told them how my son complains alot that his hair hurts...doc says it has nothing to do with his alopecia....but then why does it hurt?....anyone else have this problem too? Got any ideas on what to do to make him feel better...his usually rubs his head when he says it hurts...Thanks alot for hearing me out!

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Hi Shannon,

Yes, midpotent range topical corticosteroids are frequently prescribed by dermatologists for children. Usually the use of Triamciolone Acetonide is for patchy alopecia and is used in solution and injected intralesionally for adults; intralesional injections are not given to children.

The topical that is most often used for children is a synthetic corticosteroid called Olux Foam (clobetasol propionate).

I would query the doctor: " I am aware that triamcinolone acetonide is commonly used by injection for adults with alopecia areata. Is that why you prescribed it for my son as a topical cream?
Is there any evidence that it works other than the general evidence that steroid creams can reduce the inflammation of alopecia areata?

What is your experience using it with 2 year olds?
Have you seen any reports of how this compares to using Olux foam?

Ask what precautions you should take in washing your hands after application (or wear gloves) since you're of child bearing age. Ask what the risks are if your son is one who touches his scalp and puts his fingers in his mouth.

Truth is, nothing works for all people all the time. There are very few studies and fewer yet on children.

Doctors know that parents want to do something....anything...and parents want to try and move the process along faster. Waiting is hard. So some docs will prescribe the most benign thing they can think of to keep the hands and minds of mothers and fathers busy while they wait for hair to grow.

I have heard of pain and recently met a woman who said she had severe pain when her hair was falling out. I've only had intense itching myself, but pain is not uncommon. Try something frozen on his head for a few moments if you can..hard because his job is to be in perpetual motion...like a bag of frozen corn or peas as packed in the market, then wrapped in a thin towel. Chances are he's not going to stay still for it so try to distract him instead.

I see a typo in the first line above . Should be "prescribed by dermatologists for alopecia."

Hello Shannon, I agree with Thea...you have to ask questions, questions questions because you are in the midst of understanding this condition as well. Also, I experience pain and itching and the one thing that helps is an ice pack. Try making a speacial ice pack with him and keeping it in a freezer bag for those episodes.

Keep us posted!

Thank you's for writing me back....Do yous think its even worth to keep trying? Or should i just let his alopecia run it course. I mean there is no cure for it right..so why should i try 800 things on him. And Thea when i go back on may 2nd. Im gonna ask him those questions! One more question for yous. My regular told me that my son's white blood cells are low to...Is that part of alopecia?...i told the Derm doctor and he was like "that has nothing to do with alopecia." But i thought it did?....thanks again everyone!
In my own experience I also lost my hair at age 2 and my mom says i was put on many different creams, shampoos liquids ect... she recalls they did help me then and i did get all my hair back except for beinhd my ears giving me a high hairline!
However hairloss has occured for me on and off since then and creams never works for me as i got older...at all!!
So many at that young age you should try it but it is different for everyone however I have never had any negative side effects from any creams i have used in the last 21 years if that makes you feel any better..
but as far as the pain i have never experienced that but i have heard it can be related to alopecia ..pain, itchiness and redness in the area where hair loss will occur. I have only experienced the itchness and it was only in my eyelashes right before they started to fall out which only happend for the first time a few months ago...
This diease is definately confusing and i find many doctors will tell u different things so good luck to u and i hope your son has positive results!
Hi ,My name is jen and my daughter who is 12 has this started in 08 got better 09 than started in 10. Yes she she has spots that do hurt more than others. especially ones closer to her face and her doctor which I really really like says that is normal for closer to the faces the scalp is softer. We do use a topical and it sounds almost close to yours we use it daily. and we can feel tiny stuble. but it doesn;t help the hair grow but it helps it stop so much from falling out. we also do the shots which has been up to Hailey and like I said we have a little control, better than last time. But as long as my daughter is willing I am willing to try to do the best we can. She also was a a steriod for 6 weeks not sure if that worked. but my doctor didn;t want her on fro so long. I hope I helped
tysm for writing!...my derm doctor tells me that his scalp hurting has nothing to do with alopecia...but i been talking to people and they say their hair hurts too...i dont know if im going to keep trying new meds...i rather wait till he is older and he can choose for hisself on what he would like to do. just like your daughter :)
hey susan,
i think im going to a different derm doctor...but its a 5 month wait! ughh lol...but if alot of people have the scalp pain it has to do something with alopecia?....well why would the doctor know how it feels anyways he is not the one going through it! he tells me my son dont know the difference from pain and his scalp itching...i was all like "umm i know he is 2 but im pretty sure he will know if something hurts".....thanx susan for writing me!
Yes I would listen to what your son says.Kids do know how they feel. Just do what you feel is in your heart!!!
Hi Shannon

My 9 year old daughter also had scalp pain during active AA. She had shots at the age of 8 for 3 months. Another derm we saw said that was pretty young for shots. They were also too painfull and didn't stop other spots from developing so we stopped them. We also tried the clobetasol propionate ointment for three months and it didn't help her at all. We saw 2 different derms and didn't get any really answers from either of them. I agree that any doctor that claims something isn't possible with regards to AA is extremely arrogant. AA experts don't know all about AA for sure so how can a common derm know. Good Luck!
Hi Shannon Im late coming into this discussion. But its been almost 8 months since Mikey has started his air loss up to now he only has a giraffe shaped patch left in the back. LOL! funny I know but he loves his animal on his head. I still have not tried anything on him since feb. and he still has regrowth coming it is still white and verry fine. And of course very patchy. You cant see it until your in the sun. I say let it runs its course dont intervene in what is going to happen> I to dont like to give my kids all dirrenet meds nor am I willing to try anything and everything for slowing down this process. To date Mikey is ok with what he has going on and is happy to show everyone his giraffe. Good luck and i agree try a frozen b ags of veggies corn or peas since it can more or less mold to his head and make a game out of it see who can walk with it on the longest and so forth. U have to make this ok even if u arent ok with it for us this is reality and we cant change it. So make the best of it. Good luck and have fun with trying the frozen head game.
Hi Jackie,

These are so creative...I love the guy sleeping in class. Fun inspiration! and becoming a cool fashion trend.

If the patch is big enough or changes shape/size maybe Mikey would like to change the design from time to time. Be sure to take photos so he has a little record of hair creations. LIke in the samples above, you can use hair dye to create colors.

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