Just curious to share tips & tricks! There are so many little dilemmas to riding and keeping your hair! I'm in Arizona.

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Yes it can be a problem. I tend to keep my older short wigs for when I am doing horsey things. If riding just put riding hat on top of wig. Otherwise I usually wear some kind of hat, depending on weather. Base ball hat, wooly hat etc.

All my friends know I wear a wig, so not a shock for them if they see me in day with short hair and longer hair in evening.

How do you cope?


A couple of the girls I look after in NZ with Freedom Wigs are horse ladies.  Both tend to wear their older wigs for riding and a helmet over the top.  

I think Tufty has some great tips as well.  Something that isn't your best hair would be a good way to deal with things.


I used to do western stuff but now I'm dressage mostly. I will teach and do stuff on the ground with a wig, but wigs get pretty hot so I have my lack-of-hair, lol, buzzed and have a ball cap on when my helmet's off. It's always hard dealing with folks who don't know me, or who have never seen me with hair, but it just is what it is...

I've spent my whole life riding and when I got my first wig, all I could think about was having to wear a helmet... ugh! But it's turned out not to be as bad as I thought. :) I usually wear a clip in topper that I put up in a ponytail (with my real hair) and wear a hat. If I'm just hacking around I'll just wear the hat, no need to do anything. If I'm jumping or taking him on a trail ride or something, I always wear a helmet... The trick is just not letting people see me. My helmet was fit when I was practically bald so a wig or something is not going to fit. So, I just keep my helmet in my car and go out to the parking lot to "grab my helmet"/sit in my car and take my wig off/put my helmet on lol. It's a bit of a hassle but I feel MUCH more comfortable wearing a helmet without hair!



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