I've had alopecia forever. My whole life I've heard stories about outgoing, extroverted people who are happy and open about their hairloss. Some even try to educate strangers who confront them about their baldness. I think that's great... but it's just not me. Am I the only one? I don't think I could do it. I don't think I could walk confidently in public being bald, but then again, I don't consider bald as my "natural" state. I even have trouble talking to my dermatologist about my condition. Does anyone know what I mean?

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thanx jeff, you're sweet!! Blessings!!
Hi Casey,

I may not fully understand your situation because the society seems to have more acceptance of male baldness. I personally like to educate people and even strangers when they confront my baldness and stared strangely at my shiny head, I can sometimes even joke at my alopecia, calling myself the "mobile lighthouse"- a short version because of how my shiny head reflects the light or the sun. But I am not like always, occasionally I would just get extremely irritated with regards of people reacting to my alopecia, sometimes I just get sick of it. In general, most of the time I embrace my alopecia with good faith. I was selecting a frame for my glasses one day, the sales girl suggested several different colour and style of frames, and even suggested that I could try going with contact lenses. Guess what I told the girl?...I said I need to stick to a dark colour full frame for my glasses because I dont have eyebrows, and I needed some tone, colour to my face so that I wont look oddly plain and dull. Then I further blab on about alopecia...etc.

Have you met with other alopecians before? I believe that it is always a good way to start with building confidence with your alopecia. Organisations and events like Bald Girls Do Lunch and National Bald Out is a a good platform to start with.

On a personal level, whenever you meet your family for thanksgiving dinner or christmas dinner, are you okay with being bald? If not, start being just being yourself among your family. It probably wouldnt be easy, but there is people that is ignorant and bad at reacting to certain "surprises".

"I don't think I could walk confidently in public being bald, but then again, I don't consider bald as my "natural" state. I even have trouble talking to my dermatologist about my condition. Does anyone know what I mean? "

I believe if you are able to walk side by side with another person you love and feel comfortable with (whether your partner, good friend or family member), you can do it! But remember you dont have to force yourself to go bald in public, different people deal with alopecia differently, it doesnt mean that if you dont go out bald means that you dont accept your alopecia.

Most important is whatever you're most comfortable with.
God bless.

yes, i've had it for 20yrs and NO ONE has ever seem me fully naked (thats what i call it) i don't talk about it much at all and if someone asks me about my hair or my eyebrows i try to avoid answering or i just lie, i wish i was confident enough to face it but i'm not. and i don't know how to come to terms with it, even for myself.
Hi Lorraine,
Do whatever makes you comfortable.
I think you will feel very comfortable here.


Oh my goodness, Lorraine. When I read your comment here...this is me. WOW. I have had AT since I was 16 and that was 20 years ago and just like you I don't talk about it. I lie about my eyebrows and eyelashes all the time but I wear liquid eyeliner every single day so it takes away from not having lashes. I hate it. I also am not confident enough after 20 years, you would think I would be comfortable in my own skin. I am new to this group and feel as though maybe just maybe here I will feel comfortable enough to talk and express how I have been feeling all these years. Thanks for your comment.



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