Has anyone else been told Alopecia is an auto immune disorder? I have been tested for it and nothing comes back positive!

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The only test that has back positive in a FANA but when they do further test from that everything is negative. I have been tested for lupus, thyroid, and just about everything else. I have had alopecia just in spots in the back of my scalp for 2 years, then last Nov. all of my hair fell out on my head. I started wearing a wig and it is very hot and going thru menopause makes it extra uncomfortable. I have tried essential oil therapy, ultra violent light and changed to a gluten free diet. NOTHING!! Then in Feb 2017 I lost all of my body hair. Now my Dr. calls this alopecia universalis. I have contacted a Dr. at Cleveland clinic but cannot be seen until Sept. My Dr. here in Memphis has basically given up on me! It is devastating and very humbling for a woman that has always had beautiful long hair!!

Like u I thought I might wear a wig. I'm age 57 and going through menopause too. I tried on a couple wigs someone gave me but thought my head was going to melt down it got so hot and sweaty. I've decided to go bald and next Friday am shaving my few scraps of remaining hair off. I tried steroid injections too last month with no success however I'm now starting to have some peach fuzz appear on the lower part of the back of my head that was completely bald for the past 2 months.
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