I've been on the AIP Paleo diet now for just over two weeks, and considering my apparent addiction to sugar, I am having the absolute worst time trying to fight cravings. (I have yet to give in to those cravings, don't worry) 

I was wondering if anyone had tried this diet before and whether or not it's worth cutting out all of the sugary goodness (and cheese, oh my GOD do I miss cheese)? I currently have AU and haven't seen any regrowth in five years, so this is a last stretch for me. 

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Hairloss or not, cutting out excess sugar can only be a good thing.  The World Health Organization recommends a maximum of 37 grams per day of sugar above that which naturally occurs in whole foods.  To give you some perspective, a healthy sport bar has approximately 17 - 24 grams of sugar.  So, you can see most of the human population is excessively addicted to sugar, as we consume far more than that in one day.  I would recommend protein shakes with almond milk + banana + a bit of natural organic stevia leaf powdered (no sugar alcohol extracts added) + scoop of pea protein + natural cocoa (not sweetened).  The cocoa will off-set the slightly bitter taste of the stevia and will go a long way in giving you that nourishment with a "sugar fix". Also, sliced apples with some raisins.  That should carry you thru the day along with wholesome food meals. You shouldn't have much room left for your body to crave extra sugar.  But, the addiction is real.  Give  you body what it needs with some sugar here and there, but keep track of how much extra sugar you are taking in each day and try to stay within limits.  Don't have sugar snacks in place of meals!!!  You will always go over board if you do that.  If you are hungry ... eat a healthy meal.  If you do this eventually you will get your body to accept much less sugar and still feel satisfied.  Again, it is a struggle, but you can get control of the balance.

Hey Deanna, So, I'm a couple weeks into AIP for the first time, too. Did you end up sticking with it? How are you doing now?

I miss cheese, too! I am a big ice cream hound, so instead, I've been freezing a cut-up banana, for my late night snack, sprinkling coconut flakes on it helps!

I have read a few encouraging posts on another blog about people seeing really good results with their AA patches growing in. I don't have any hair at all, so it is going to take a long time (maybe 4 months???) to see results for me, and I'm curious where you are at with your hair, with your diet, and your lifestyle?

Hey there. Today is my 18th day on the AIP diet. My hair is still falling out but I've seen people have success with it though it took a while. It can take up to one whole year on the diet to see regrowth. This blog should be helpful: https://wholeearthlife.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/alopecia-areata-the...

I know the AIP diet is really restrictive so for cravings, I mostly stick to raw/dried fruits. It's worth a shot because there's the benefit of becoming healthier anyway :)

I've been on it for 5 months. The first two months I still consumed alcohol I stuck to ciroc vodka which is made from grapes. I wasn't happy with the success, so I cut out alcohol altogether. I have full regrowth now. But the pigment hasn't returned. I am naturally dark haired, so I have blonde patches of hair that are slowly changing black. I had a bad last two weeks on the aip diet though. Been eating ice cream and haven't noticed any more hair turning black or anymore falling out. I am going back to the strict diet following this post and going to try and get my full head of hair back.
2ND day of AIP. I'm sure I have leaky gut syndrome. Maybe hashimotos. Docs appointment next week. Please update your condition. Thanks for taking time to let us know how it's going



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