I am going to be going on a road trip in May and I don't want to drive with my wig on. It is a 6 hour drive. I can't really put my wig on a stand and set it in my car cuz it will roll around. Anyone have suggestions on how to transport my wig safely?

I bought a collapsible wig stand so that will be easier to travel with too.

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Wig stand. Small silk bag with a draw string. But the wig on the stand. Put the whole works in the silk bag. Draw the strings. Hang on a hanger. Hang the whole works on one of those hooks in the back. Voila, wig traveling Hoboken style baby.
Thanks Reginia!
Aimee - Thanks! I plan on wearin a bandana. I got some cute ones from WalMart this weekend. I am thinkin a shoe box, but will see what I come up with.
I just turn the wig inside out and put in in a lingerie washables bag. Reginia's idea seems pretty much the same. :) I just happened to have the netted silk bag lying in my drawers. As Reginia said, it works great!
One time I was driving 5 hours, and half way I got tired of the wig so I pulled it off and threw it on my dashboard. ha ha. I'm sure people could see it driving by and thought what the heck does that lady have on her dash. If you still have the box it came in, I would suggest putting it in the box for the trip or even a shoe box would work.
yea, I normally throw mine in the backseat for awhile. I love driving without my hair, esp. when the wind blows. ; )
LOVE that feeling!! i do the exact same.
So many of you just amaze me on how brave you are....I don't think I could ever get to that level of comfort, but I am jealous!!!
I am so looking forward to my drive down to my bestie's house because I will be by myself in the car and can just go without anything if I want to. On the ride home I am giving a friend a lift, so I think a bandana it will be.
Sherri- this is the only place I will go bald in public...is when I am driving a long distance in my car...esp if its night time. try it...the wind feels so good! Its a closer step to being brave ; )
Thanks for the advice everyone!!

WE were in a car accident; we hit one of those cable guards and I had the widow down and my wig came off and flew out of the window....I 'm glad no one saw that because they'd probably would have been horried that the girl's head just fell off!! this was before my dermafix days lol!


I also use a lingerie bag to transport mine. And I have also done the dash and the backseat...



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