My eyebrow tattoos have faded to a greyish color.  I have had them re-done several times but  I just have not been able to obtain the nice light golden brown color I desire. 

I have to go on a business trip twice a year and share a room with my co-worker.  If it isn't weird enough to have a co-worker see you in your pjs and a sleep hat, I don't like when I wash off my makeup and my eyebrows look funny.

I have tried several things to obtain a semi-permanent brown: body ink, transfer tattoos, and henna paste. I will just say those options did not work the way I wanted them to work. 

I had an idea and I bought some dark self tanner with the bronzer in it so you can see where you apply it.  I painted that right on my tattoo eyebrows (3 times the first day). After the first day and a shower I could see my eyebrow are a nice golden brown and did not wash off!  Now I just need to keep up on a minimal maintenance schedule.

Then it occurred to me to use it where I brush on my brownish eyeshadow to create a natural contouring shading on my eyelid!  Yep, that worked too!

I am a Genius!!! LOL  LOL LOL  Thought I'd share this for those of you who might have the same desire for a semi-permant fix.

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