My name is Michelle, I am fifty. Two years ago I had a long thick beautiful mane of hair.....long dark eyelashes and eyebrows. I have AU. I have lost every hair on my entire body. Its been quite a daunting process of figuring out what is going on with my body and grieving the loss of my hair. I loved my hair! I first noticed thinning then it started coming out gradually. like some I had slight burning hot spots and with that more hair loss. I haven't had any hair in about 5 months. My GP has been great! Ruled out any serious illness associated with hair loss. (Lupus was the running diagnoses for a short period). I was then sent to a dermatologist. Steroid creams then very painful monthly regrowth and I lost the rest of my hair. I am now 1 month into DCPC treatment...lets see what happens.

I have been very creative with scarves, hats and wigs....I hate the wigs...simply uncomfortable.

I have been quite hard on myself. I felt shallow for a long time....'I'm not sick' Its just hair! What do I have to complain about. I hid my hair loss for a long time. I wouldn't leave my apartment to throw garbage out without a hat on my head. I am a social worker..I work with Paediatric diabetes. Working with young people who have to text their sugar 4-10times a day...4 shots a day.....I was grateful that my health was ok.

The thing is, I needed and deserved to grieve. Losing my hair WAS and IS a BIG deal. Once I gave myself permission to be sad (not so much to feel sorry for myself)..just be sad...say goodbye to my hair....somehow I was ok.....More people know. I finally took my first picture without my hair.

My goal whether this treatment works or not is to Live Well with AU.

I just came across Alopecia World. I am glad to have this site for support:)

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I love that! 'Alopecia sadness day'....I sure have those. Yes I work full time. Im a clinical social in paediatric diabetes...I also teach at a local university. I have worn wigs but they are uncomfortable...hats and scarves mostly. At home NOTHING. its the first thing I do when I come home.

...I went away to the Dominican recently. I went 'naked' some of the time...stares..and strangers asking 'if it was because of the chemo'.....I have also been told I have a nice shaped head.....I think I've heard it all

I'm taking it one day at a time



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