I recently had my hairdresser over, whose one of good friends and my sons godmother! And when parting my hair, yes she said ' Mel, you got alopecia like I knew, know I didn't!!! Over the last few weeks its been hard, but now I have made myself so stress free, it's very enjoyable, can it last!! Will my hair stop falling out, or do I have to except its happening an I can't stop it????

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Can anyone answer???

Not an answer but a reply. No one can give you an answer. No one knows. And there is no way to stop what will be. Just try not to stress, as stress never makes anything better, only worse. Easier said than done I know. Chin up. Maybe you will lose no more hair.

I too discovered a small patch about the size of a dime about 4 months ago. I was going through some stress then, but not now. I've had 2 steroid shots and still no regrowth. I try not to dwell on it and hope for the best. It is what it is. Until more falls out, I'm going to stay happy!! Wishing all the best to you.

Would you recommend the steroid shots then? I have at least 5 patches the first quite large (with the a tuft of hair) the rest small round patches, but you don't notice them, but I do, yesterday my hair was very long and and then I had it cut, quite drastic, but I love it, short and better!!! new hair style I love it!!! I've been told to massage coconut oil into my scalp to try and really get the blood flowing in the patches?? Do u think I should try that before the steroid injections??

I think the best is to check what kind of alopecia you've got (if you have any..)
I found this resource very interesting: Types of Alopecia
Having that in mind, first thing I will do is to consult an specialist... each case is very different... Hope it helps...

 A few more months and its looking like Alopecia Areata, just a few strands left. The hardest bit is the school run everyday!!



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