Hi! I met a woman yesterday that said she can cure my Alopecia Universalis with vitamin and mineral supplements. She said that if I take a high amount of Vitamin Bs, Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin C and D and Iodoral, combining it with stop taking birth control hormones, and a alkaline diet, that it will make my hair grow out fully in a few months.

Has anyone tried anything like this?

Do you think it's worth a try? (I've had Alopecia Universalis since 7,5 years now..)

I would really appreciate your replies, thanks in advance


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Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

I take those very same vitamin supplements, AND a DHT blocker - AND Minoxidil, AND  eat healthy AND  no birth control pills, AND exercise, AND invert myself to get blood flow to the head, AND - ummm... let me take a breath..LOL!

Strangely enough, the rest of my hair thrives from all of this "hoop jumping".. but not that big ol' bald spot on the side of my head.

Everytime i come up with a new vitamin/mineral supplement to take "for my overall well-being", my boyfriend, gives me this suspicious look and says in his usual MANSPEAK: "Uh huh, you're just taking that just in case it'll make your hair grow back."

He's right, and far more "honest" on the subject than i am sometimes.  I'm always - Sara - always on the look out for some pill/supplement that will grow back these bald spots.

I hate seeing them especially after washing my hair.  My hair (what's left of it) is extremely curly, thus reversion shrinks everything exposing the palm-sized, comet shaped bald spot on my right temple that has a tail that leads straight to the center of my head.  At first it was just at the temple, then it just grew upward.

Someone suggested DIM since it's basically broccoli?  (Also suggested by Dr. Oz).. the stuff is great for acne prone skin, and keeps my periods regular - for once.  But it's controversial.  Some ladies are claiming that it makes their hair grow, while others are saying it's making their hair fall out.

I take it, and cannot attest either way.  Why?  Alopecia Areata can stem from auto immune disease, stress, environment, anything.   Thus, i'm stuck with this large bald spot, not knowing if it came from my geographic location, losing my job, or my diabetes.

Before that woman can make a claim that she can grow your hair back?  It would be even cooler to know the source of why it fell out in the first place, ya' know?

Wow, thank you for sharing! I don't know why my hair fell off, it's 7,5 years ago now. It started with Areata and became Universalis in a few months. I had just started high school, my parents got divorced. I really don't know what played a part in it..
What I do know is that I've tried countless amounts of different methods and that makes me quite sceptical for trying something new now, it takes a lot of energy, hoping and getting dissapointed..

I'll think about it for a while, I guess supplements only can do good anyways. But it's also a hard balance between not believing and hoping to much..
For how long have you tried these supplements? And do you see any difference at all?
Have you tried Iodoral?


there's nothing wrong with basically a lifestyle change - that's actually for the better anyway.:)

And as for the "hope" thing, i know exactly what you're talking about.

The supplements? i've been taking for over 20 years due to being an ex sportsmodel, bodybuilder, so it kind of came with the territory as i got older.  When you're young, the body pretty much supplies it's own supplementation.  As we get older, we kind of "run out of inventory", thus, supplementation is essential.

The DHT Blockers, i've been taking for about 3 years now, with absolutely no success.

I started the Minoxidil about 3 months ago, and am starting to see little tiny hairs growing back in the bald spot.  To be honest, that's a long time for a few "sprouts" in my opinion.

i'm already supplementing with Iodine (which is part of Iodoral) with one of my vitamin supplements that i take, and have been taking that for about 5 years.  a few of the supplements that i take also include Iron, magnesium, selenium as well.  My nails, skin and hair health overall has improved, but as for those bald spots?

It seems that they tend to "pop up" out of nowhere.  You grow one in, and you think "all is well".. then boom! another one shows up.

Alopecia Areata is like "Hydra" from Captain America.  "Grow in spot - two more will takes it's place..."  LOL!

Okay, thank you very much. I will think about if I'll give it a try. As you say the supplements can only do good.. :)



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