has anyone had any luck with Clobetasol. my 6yr old daughter has had full regrowth after losing her hair twice--but i notice a few bald patches here and there. i think the madness is starting again! so we went to the derm today and she prescribed clobetasol. anyone have any success with this?

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Hi Megan,
I am using clobetasol foam right now twice a day along with Nioxin cleanser (shampoo) and am taking a megadose of a supplement called Bioxin. I am having regrowth of the patches (I have AA so I'm dealing with patches). I definately think the bioxin is making my nails and hair grow faster. My son developed alopecia but it turned to universalis within 4 months, its so unpredictable. Right now I'm blessed mine is AA. I'm gonna do what I can, but not the injections. My derm said the clobetasol would at least provide growth on the patches, and prevent them from getting bigger, but she couldn't predict or prevent any new patches developing elsewhere. Good luck. Your daughter is adorable. Take care, Mary
Hi Megan,
My derm gave me Clobetasol, which I used on and off for about 3 weeks. I was supposed to use it once in the morning and once at night. I noticed some acne starting on my head, and some irritation...so I stopped using it altogether. My thinking was if it's gonna fall out...it's gonna fall out. I stopped stressing over the NEED of putting the cream on...and oddly enough...once I stopped - I have regrowth in all my patches. I started out with one patch...then two...and so on, until I shaved my head and counted about 16. I now can see the biggest patch and about 2 others, all of which are growing in. All the other patches are gone. Even the big patch, which made it to 3 1/2 inches...is now only about the size of a quarter....there is hope out there...although, i'm not holding my breath. I hope this works for your daughter...
This was one of the first things prescribed to Samantha and it had no impact on her. I hope it works for Paige..I hope she does not loose all that fabulous regrowth..
My daughter was on Clobetesol (tried both the foam and the cream) and in all honesty, I think it made the hair loss accelerate. I know everyone's case is different, so please carefully monitor her and I hope everything goes well!
HI Megan
I have used the clobestol foam in conjunction with the monthly injections and clobex shampoo. I had total regrowth for quite some time. I used the foam twice a day and the shampoo once a week. I think it all just depends--I hope it works for your daughter!
thanks to everyone for your comments. i really appreciate it. so as of right now, Paige's hair has thinned a little and there are 2 obvious bald spots on the top of her head. this is way different than how it fell out the last 2 times. i'm thinking of doing the injections on the bald spots. has anyone had luck with this. in the past, she was too scared, but now seems open to the idea. thanks again
Hi Megan,
When Olivia lost all of her hair at age 2, the ped. dem. prescribed clobetasol and women's rogaine. We use one in the morning and one in the evening and her hair regrew. My feeling is that the clobetasol stopped the hair loss and the rogaine encouraged the new hair growth. When used together it worked for Olivia.
However, because clobetasol is a steriod (though topical) when Olivia lost her hair the 2nd time, we decided not to use it again. I hope this helps. What I have found is that some treatments seem to work for some people and not for others. It is such a mystery. If you have any questions, let me know.
Sandy Rusk
Clobetasol is a really strong topical immunosuppressor. So, in theory its a good idea, and less invasive than injections. But, it didn't help me at all. Mine moved WAY too fast for anything to work. At least thats what the derm said.
My son Casey has used this with great regrowth. The problem is that it is so strong we don't want to continue indefinately. So each time we stop the loss begins again and he loses all that great regrowth. My problem (even though we are back on it) is whether this is giving him a false hope. I don't know what else to try as we have done the shots and other treatments. This is the only thing we have found that has produced the regrowth.
Hi Megan. I used Clobetasol for quite awhile with no results as far as new growth, but I do think it helped somewhat in keeping the spots I had from growing. However, I met with Dr. King, a specialist at Vanderbilt, and he took me off the Clobetasol b/c he said it actually can irritate the scalp. Let me say though, I was using it alot! I just wanted the hair loss to stop and the itching to stop, so I was a little frantic. I'd say give it a try and watch closely for any adverse reactions.

Have you talked with your daughters doc about a treatment that involves causing the skin to have an allergic reaction therefore the body's immune system attacks that allergy and migrates away from the hair? I don't know much about this at all, but I do know it worked for a teenage girl that my doctor sees with AA.
I am using clobetasol treatment for my alopecia areata , and its working magically, this is what my Dermatologist recomended, every day once a day put clobetasol cream in all the afected areas on the head, then put a clear plastic over my head, the idea is to have your head sweat for at least 8 hours a day and then take off, wash your head with prescribed Nizoral 2% Keelatone at least 3 times a week, and believe me , this is magical, I grew hair every where in my head, I even grew a mustache . I hope this works for your little girl. Chris



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