I am a boy who will soon turn 29 and have always had short hair, but until last year I went to the hairdresser several times a year, about once a month or once every two months. Now I haven't been to the hairdresser since last December and I'm trying to save for long hair. I want hair that goes down a little longer than the ears.

Due to exercise and stress, I have lost some of my bangs and hair around my ears. It grows back. I have been to several hairdressers and many have said that I have thick hair, at least if I have waited several months for the next cut. But now I just let it grow out and see if I can save for long hair, preferably longer than the ears. If the hair gets long and doesn't look nice, I'm considering a smooth head shave, even though I don't like being bald full time.

Now I'm considering starting to wear a wig, but I can't exactly wear a wig every day. I cycle a lot and wear a helmet. I work out a lot, so the wig will get hot and I sweat a lot, especially in the summer. But I have long wanted hair with a little more volume and more length. Everyone will see that I'm wearing a wig when I usually go out bald and suddenly have hair again once in a while.

Have read this post " https://www.simplywigs.co.uk/blog/my-journey-to-wearing-wigs/ " and it looks like the boys can wear women's wigs too. There is a very large selection of women's wigs, both short and long.

What would you do?

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Check out Lordhair.com

Many mens options for you to choose from. I’m thinking a Topper you can wear 24/7. 

I will check out that site also !  thank you

I think you will be very happy with what you see on this site. Amazing! They also have videos of "how to."  You can get toppers that you have cut and blended in with your hair, tape or glue on. And they stay on! Very light weight base. You can do anything in them. Sleep, workout, swim, ride motorcycles, convertibles, etc. No one will EVER know it is not your hair. The "how to" videos teach you everything you need to know about attaching it. Once you get it cut in, you learn to attach yourself, as to not have to pay someone to do that for you.  It is so easy.  See attached photos of me with topper.

Wishing you the best!


I would go for it if you feel more comfortable in a wig. If people are confused they will get over it :-) If anyone asks just tell them the truth. Plus you will be surprised how few people actually notice ...

Hello-- I have bought women's wigs for years.  I go to a stylist who is good at cutting them into styles that work for males.  I get mine from PaulaYoung.com.  Good luck to you !  Also, I sometimes wear wigs, and sometimes just wear a bandana & hat especially in summer when it's hot outside... I did not used to do that, but I just refuse to wear wigs nowadays when I go to a gym, or swimming, or to theme parks.  If people notice, I just don't care anymore. People who ask questions are usually polite, and we usually have a good conversation about it.  best regards to you.

Interesting that you wear a women's wig, even if it's cut to men's size. I've always had such short hair that if the wig is going to be long enough to hide the hood, it will be a bit longer than what I've been associated with as long hair. Then I might as well go for a women's wig of the length I'm comfortable with. For me, it doesn't matter if the wig is short or long. I suddenly look completely different anyway.

I have a bob wig that I have to try on, but it seems that I have found something that suits me. I'm just so unaccustomed to seeing myself change so much. Just like I won't be the same if I lose the rest of my hair. Either completely bald or much more hair than ever before. The wig looks pretty decent. as long as I style it well enough and I'm getting better at it. Behind it looks natural to me.

How would you start wearing the wig in public?

Attached is a picture of how the wig looks from the back. To me it looks natural, but I feel it is very different as I am used to thin and very short hair. Wig back side.jpg

Since you do have hair and want more volume, you could go for extensions instead of a wig.  There are so many options to add volume and or length.  There are F-tips, I-tips, braidless wefts and tape in’s to choose from.  They aren’t bulky if installed correctly so, it might be something to consider instead of completely shaving your head and putting on a wig.

I've thought about extensions, but it's mainly the bangs that fall out, especially after I started exercising more. I still eat a lot and try to have as healthy a diet as possible, so my hair grows back eventually, but then the hairstyle doesn't always turn out so nice. I have just shaved some of the bangs next to the ears with a razor, so that there will be an equal amount of hair on both sides of the face. In other words, extensions become less relevant than trying to keep the hair as long as possible. Or just the rest of the bangs that are left and live with part of the hair missing, before the rest falls out. A small moon at the top is missing, for example. The hair is currently so thick that the spots are easy to hide as long as it doesn't rain. Two days ago I walked in a light rain and it looked like I had a pick-up weld afterwards. Had to dry my hair before the spots could be hidden. And then I was out for less than an hour.

I wear Follea and Joli Dancer.  I am very active and both are great for both men and women.  I'd be more than happy to share my experiences and thoughts with you.

It's okay that you send me pm if you want. Very interesting to hear experiences with wearing wig in a very active lifestyle.



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