Have anyone had any luck with this.This is my last resort for this problem.She will need ten injections because the two patches are so large.The creams didnt work.The deem said she should see results within a month.I am just praying it will work for her.

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Hi Kimmy

Sometimes shots do work, but usually only well if you are moving into a natural remission.  At this time there is no cure, but some medications are thought to help push you into remission.  Steroids etc. are usually the drug of choice.  Do your investigations around side effects with these types of drugs as they can be a little frightening (talk to your derm, I'm sure he will help).

Just to help from a personal point of view.  My daughter has had alopecia for the last 12 years in that time she has regrown her hair 5 times without the use of medications and treatments.  Natural remission can happen and often does...so don't give up hope, but do your best to life in the now.

Hope this helps.


i used the shots for a few years, but i got terrible headaches from them and finally gave up.  i hope they work for you!!!!!!

I am so depressed my 18 yrs old daughter has two large areas in her hair.We tried the creams.It didnt work .Its been almost two years with a lil regrowth in some areas but not in the two large areas.How long did it take for your daughters hair to grow back.Im losing hope.I read that prolong and large areas on the scalp do not grow back.It shoulnt take this long for her hair to grow.

Hi Kimmy

Do your best to keep hopeful, but also do your best to proactive around what you and your daughter are doing to support yourselves while dealing with this difficult condition.

Sometimes it helps to find alternatives like hats or scarves to give a little relieve from the constant concern on how to style her hair.

I know this is hard, but you truly aren't alone.




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