I was curious about the Covid vaccination and how it affected your alopecia. I have had AT and AU in my life. I have regrown all my hair but I do worry about getting the vaccination because I am scared it could trigger my hair to fall out again. Any advice?

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Hi hanna

i would be cautious about getting the vaccine as there is no long term safety data available yet - trials don’t end till early 2023 and they currently only have emergency use authorisation. Each to their own decision but unless you have a condition that puts you in a high risk category I’d wait for the long term data. Can you tell me what protocol you used to achieve regrowth as my son has AU since 2013. Thanks, Shirley

Hi Shirley

I used Anthralin cream (topical treatment). I used it for both times when I lost my hair. The process took about 2-3 years for the hair to all fill in and become my natural dark colour. I used Rapid Lash to regrow my eyelashes and eyebrows. I attached a link for you for more information about Anthralin. 


Alopeciamum gives good advice.

This is also what I was looking for on radio online stations about covid

Hello Hanna,

I get your concerns recently attended a NAAF conference (National Alopecia Areata Foundation) A few doctors were asked this question. And said there were no known side effects for people with Alopecia and no re-growth / nor people losing a lot of hair with their patients.

Furthermore, I have had it and haven't had any increase in hair loss. But I already have AA,  what I did was the 2 shot version, little under 2 months now.  Or even other side effects with the vaccines or know anyone whos had with. Someone actually said maybe be great if made hair grow more- it has not for me.

In addition, I have lost few people to Covid-19 in 2020, and know those that have had with series health problems/"long haulers" after. So, getting the vaccine was important to me. And around vulnerable populations and loved ones who would be more at risk with the virus. I had to look hard at all information and consulted with health professionals. Finally, it made more sense for me to get it.

This is something very personal and I get the fear. Maybe talk with your GP or try see any dermatologist about it. I  believe it's always good with health check with doctor to have a conversation too.



PS I can keep posted if I hear/see more info. Thanks

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the info.

I have had 2 covid vaccine shots - no issues.  I have AU so not really possible to tell you. However -  I have OTHER autoimmune conditions and none were triggered by the shots. Secondly - if you do not take the vaccines and you do catch a Covid variant,  you are at risk of being seriously sick or worse. And considering that Covid patients are complaining of developing alopecia, I would think that is also a risk.  

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