Anyone have any feedback on cyberhair?

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I do know a 'little' about this type of hair. This is what I know and people may come on with more information as I don't know a lot.

It is synthetic hair that reacts well in water. It actually needs water to retain its looks. It is often used in shorter hairpieces for men. It reacts similarly to synthetic hair, so you would need to be careful around heat sources. It would also have the same problems as other syn hair of becoming frizzy and unnatural looking when it gets older. I think the swim wig uses this kind of fibre.

Why don't you give them a call and ask about this type of fibre.


I have always wondered about Cyberhair. But you have to go to special places to get it, and they fit it to your head. And expensive. But it seemed to be easier than HH - and better than Synthetic. I corresponded with Amy Gibson for a bit years ago. I could never really get the price out of anyone.

I have a cyber and there are pros and cons. I have an "old model.". Haven't tried the new ones but I might at some point. It is fairly light weight and comfortable. I had a problem with the person I bought my cyber from, bad experience, but luckily found Monique at Crowning Glory Studios in WA. I was at my wits end before finding with her. She honestly answered all my questions long distance including price, care, etc. I luckily found her name on this forum after she had helped someone else out after a bad experience. As far as the cyber itself, it is light weight and no real styling involved. Hot water and using their products will keep it looking good. Care is fairly easy. Ive seen prices between 1700-2400. Everyone seems to be weirdly secretive about them and it's been hard to get info. It can get pretty dry but you can revive it or keep it soft following the instructions. I wear mine daily because it's so comfortable. I don't sleep in it but you can. Some colors are a little shiny but generally looks pretty natural. Most important to me is someone I can trust to advise me. Hope that's helpful.

Yes, very secretive. I was just recently about to be conversing (again) with Amy Gibson. I had to call them back, because they would not really email me any information that I needed. I just find that to be more difficult, and didn't have the time. It is more convenient for me personally, to email when I have the chance, and wait for a response. I then have time to organize my concerns. So I never did call them back. I also feel buying without ever seeing or trying on, is a bit frightening. I have wasted sooo much money on wigs and hairpieces. And you cannot get your money back, you are just SOL. If they were priced under the $500 price point, I would go for it in a heartbeat. But not at over $1000. And shiney....I need a blonde shade. Probably shiney. I guess the perception of SHINEY is in the eye of the beholder.

The secretive thing is so odd to me. I spent a long time trying to get info and learned almost nothing. If you have a Cyber rep in your area you can try on whatever they have and get a feel for how it looks/feels. I'm sure each rep is different as far as their integrity and concern for their clients. With some synthetics the blond colors are less shiny, but with Cyber the blonder or lighter colors that I've seen (I haven't seen them all) are a bit shiny. Mine is lighter, but people, for the most part, seem to think the shine equals healthy :). You can ask about using dry shampoo on it to reduce the shine. The biggest pain is how dry it can get without proper care (and products) but a good rep can teach you how to keep that from happening. I only found out much later how to care for mine by talking to Monique in WA. At this price, I would definitely try some on before buying. They also say that only a Cyber trained stylist can cut it.Hope that helps.

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I own a cyber, which has both pros and cons. I have a "ancient model.". I have not yet slime rancher 2 tested the new ones, but I may do so in the future. It is relatively lightweight and comfy. I had a bad experience with the person from whom I purchased my cyber, but fortunately I discovered Monique at Crowning Glory Studios in Washington. 



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