My 24 year old son has due eloped alopecia totalis in the pst 4 mths. Has been dealing with stress recently and has a history of eczema and asthma. Can not get Xeljanz in Canada easily and the cost is prohibitive. One derm offered DPCP trt but it was 2 yr waiting list to get into Toronto sick Kids Hospital. he now has a prescription for cyclosporine. There are certainly risks but he thinks it is worth trying. Has anyone had success with cyclosporine? Thanks for all your support I read posts on here everyday and it has really helped.

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U probably saw it but just in case. (Am the text guy)

Yes, I have AU and have had hair regrow all over my scalp, eye lashes and brows within a few weeks of starting cyclosporine 3 different times. The problem is that my labs always start showing problems with my kidneys before my hair gets long and full enough to shed my wig. I have to take a large dose for it to work. We have tried starting on a low dose and increasing and starting high and decreasing, but my kidneys are always effected, and when I decrease or stop it, my hair falls right back out. That is very depressing. Good luck! I hope it works out for your son. 

Thanks for your reply. I am hoping at age 24 his kidneys will be alright. Are you using something else now? Hopefully all these oral treatments can be stopped once we have a topical cream that works. Perhaps xelijanz will be the one and be affordable.

i am on xeljanz ad it is working without side effects so far.

Good luck Merry with the xelijanz. Hope it becomes more affordable and easier to access in Canada soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.



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