Without diving into too much detail I recently was sold a custom wig that I was told would be wavy and when it arrived it was curly and puffy and frizzy. Since my old wig was pretty much done for I had no choice but to wear the frizz monster. They offered to buy me another one because I did spend almost two grand when I didn't have it but the wig takes two months to be finished. In in the mean time we tried to fix the wig with a straightener and now its just straight and frizzy and lays puffy. Its awful, any suggestions on how to smooth it out? I want to cry and I have an important job interview thus week.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I have been putting coconut oil on the ends and had someone else cut it which sort of helped. I think if I flat iron it with enough silicone product I can make it through.

It sounds like the wig that you have bought may be made with processed human hair. I'm afraid their is little that can be done to straighten this type of hair (if you asked for a curlier option). I'm always aware even with 100% unprocessed virgin hair, going from straight to curls can be a decision that has to be thought through thoroughly. As Curly hair often has a mind of it's own and this is absolutely made worse if the hair has been processed before you have received it.

I would suggest you contact the people that sold you your wig and ask what type of hair is in it. If they tell you it is unprocessed (I would be very wary). It sounds like you paid a lot for it but not as much as a wig made with unprocessed virgin human hair would be. In reality processed hair wigs should be very reasonably priced (in the hundreds rather than thousands).

Some things that may help your hair are the morroccan/Argan oils. A little on your hand then worked through the wig may settle down the frizz. Deep moisturizing treatments sometimes help, but be careful...if your wig is handtied do not put the conditioner or shampoo near those knots.

I'm sorry you are going through this and I wish I could help more.

If I can be of any further help feel free to pop into my page and message me.

good luck with everything.


Thanks Rosy,I have just been relying on my flat iron for now. At least the new one will be ready at the end of September which to me is an eternity. I want to try the Morroccan oil with flat iron, maybe that will be better with biosilk.



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