I have suffered totalis alopecia for 20 years lost my hair couple times as a child but it always grew back but at 20 I lost it again and it hasn't grown back! I have 6 year old twin girls and one definitely takes after me, the other day I noticed a small 5 pence size bald patch on side of her hair, man I cried once I had walked away, my husband did as well as he was with me when I lost mine at Uni, have I really passed it to her??? I am so worried

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In my research, some forms of alopecia are hereditary from the mother's side. I am the only one in my family who went to a dermatologist and got an official diagnosis. I have siblings and a first cousin that have hair loss (more than likely alopecia), but they have not gone to a dermatologist. They wear weave, wigs, scarfs, or hats all the time. I chose to shave and wear that in public. I walk tall and with confidence!

You may want to take her to a dermatologist and have it checked. In the interim, hold your head high. I would think the last thing you would want is her to be down because of they way she is perceived. Confidence comes from within. I am sure the road will be a long one. Stay strong.

Thank you for your reply, we are going to get her to see a dermatologist as soon as possible, it's just I know what she will go through and that terrifies me! Xx

Sorry your daughter is going through this at such a young age but hers may be just a couple spots here and there and then they grow back in.  My dad last all of his hair twice growing up and once eyebrows included, my sister loses hers in spots once in a while but they grow back in, and I have been getting shots for mine and am on methotrexate which is helping the spots but my hair is thinning badly.  So it can be passed on by family but not all family members usual have it the same way from what I have been reading up on, so best of luck to you and your daughter.

Thank you Carebear funny that is my daughters nickname, I'm hoping she only suffers from spots as I would hate for her to go through what I have,she also has a twin sister and seeing her with long hair would be so hard for her. I'm hoping she is like your family and only gets a bit of it, xx



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