I shaved my head last year because my whole head hair was thinning quickly, so when the Raiders beat the Niners last year and used that as an excuse.

Then I fell into the "Raider curse", and lost every single hair on my complete body.

WOW.. I was shocked..

Still shocked..

Anyone else out there with Alopecia Universalis???


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Hi Danny,

I can relate to your AU. Lots of us can...

I was AU within 3 months of diagnosis. Currently at AA.

Look forward to getting to know you as you're quite near to San Francisco.



A lot of us can relate to Alopecia Universalis.... I am currently diagnosed with AA as well.

Please stay cheerful and positive even though you go through some tough times. I hope that the Raiders will win the championship an your curse will be gone:)

Hi Calbert,

Happy Thanksgiving...:)

Well I just saw your post today so giving you the Gobble Gobble..LOL

Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that maybe I will someday end my AA curse.. And also for the Raiders

What have you found out about it and how long has it been since you lost your hair?

Hi Aimee,

I just read about Humira..Thank you.

How long have you been taking Humira?  And would I just ask my Family doctor for a prescription?

It has been a year since my Diagnosis and would like to sort all this out cause I get no clear answers from Derm Docs

AU for me too since May. XD
Hi Rach,
You are still so very beautiful.
I just started my series of 3 tattoos for my eyebrows.
How is your Thanksgiving?



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