Hi All. I am AA and have been since age 5. Off/On, Off/On for 39 years! But not only has this last bout not responded to cortisone injections (like it has previously), but now over 50% of my hair is involved. I'm done looking for a 'solution.' My thought is to go ahead and just shave off what is left and be bald. My question is this: Has anyone experienced any correlation to shaving your head and the onslaught of AT and/or AU? If shaving has the potential to trigger such a response... well, then I'm not sure if I want to do it or not. Any thoughts out there?

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hey Pam. I used to have AA, when I began to develop AT I shaved my remaining hair off, but since then I haven't developed any signs of AU. But if your concerned, this is deffinately something you should put in some research or ask the doctors :) x
Pam, I don't have any medical evidence for this, but I feel strongly that shaving makes no difference. All I can go by is my personal experience. You can see photos on my page of the state of my hair loss the night before I shaved, and right after shaving.

I continued to have to shave patches of stubble for about 2 months after shaving my head the first time, but they just got smaller and smaller. Instead of watching my bald spots getting bigger, I could see my stubble patches getting smaller! Finally one week, I no longer had any scalp patches to shave.

After a couple of months, I began to lose my eyebrows and lashes and body hair and was AU within 3 months of shaving my head. It was going to do what it was going to do and progress to AU, and I know that for me, shaving was a GOOD thing. I felt MUCH better right away.

Have you seen the AW Group - Sisterhood of Women Who Shaved Their Heads? Great group!
My 16 year old daughter says the same thing. Once she shaved her head, she was no longer leaving a trail of hair everywhere she went. She said that worrying about losing it all was worse that when it actually happened.



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