Hey everyone. I was just recently diagnosed with Alopecia Areata about a month ago and I have slowly had several spots lose hair in the course of a month. I have two about the size of a half dollar and 3 about the size of a nickel. I have been wanting to dye my hair for a while now and haven't done in fear of losing my hair. What do you think? 

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Hair dye does not harm it, or cause further hair loss....unless you have an allergic reaction.  But, let the other opinions roll on in.....lol

I dyed it and was kinda worried at first. It burned a lot more than usual but I pulled on some hair and nothing felt like it was coming out so I left it on and it turned out okay! Thanks for your input!! 

Hi Hannah,
Do you already know what triggered it?
I know it sounds boring :) but maybe give your constitution a bit rest from chemicals and dye with natural dye like Henna.. But maybe it doesn't make a difference. (What does the dermatologist say?)

I didn't go to a dermatologist, I just went to my regular doctor. It was brought on by stress.

For me the trigger was also chronic stress but my derm said not to dye or use harsh chemicals. Did your doctor examine your scalp (took a skinbiopt) under a microscope? My derm did that and I had some tests, not allergic to dye but allergic for parfummix and perubalsam. I don't know but I would ask my dermatologist I think

No she didn't. But I already dyed my hair and it turned out fine. My hair has actually started growing back since then. 

Glad to hear. Good for you, you are one of the lucky ones.

Alopecia has its own agenda - its does what it does, when it feels like it and how it feels like. We can't influence it.
Its not a problem with our hair at all, its a problem inside the body in sending the information about growing hair.
So, if you want to dye it or bleach it, or hair stylezz it, or slosh on this product or that - you can - alopecia will do what it was going to do anyway. So don't think I've done this and made it fall out more.
However, you may find your scalp is more sensitive than previously, just the lifting bits of hair to apply a product can be painful. So worth a test run first. But if it will make you feel better in yourself to do something, then go ahead. If you lose more hair or it starts to fill in, it was going to do that anyway.

thank you for setting them all straight  !!! LOL   It gets tiring reading about people afraid to do this or do that.  Alopecia doesn't care.  



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