Can anyone recommend an affordable european hair wig with a lace front and preferably thin skin perimeter? My shoulder length remy hair gets clumpy and needs to be brushed a lot. Is this normal? I'm thinking there must be something better out there but it's so hard to know which sites to trust.

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Do you mean virgin EHH or is colored okay. There is now a EHH version of the Impressions/Gemtress that has some thin skin. Could probably get an Impressions highlighted by your own stylist. I think virgin EHH is hard to get but Milano has it in darker shades. But no lace front or thin skin.

But a real lace front is hard to get also-not many companies want to combine lace front which is fragile with EHH which is expensive.

Why call hair European???

For most they would read the word European and think that it comes from Europe and resembles to some degree the hair from people of caucasian descent (mid, light browns, reds, blondes). If you are getting hair that is 100% unprocessed in these colours it will be expensive - if it isn't I would suggest it isn't unprocessed.

If you are asking for hair in mid, light brown, red or blonde you may find that many process the hair to achieve these colour ways. Some call it slight processing but no matter what processing it will all effect the lifetime of the hair.

The question you should ask any vendor or manufacturer is whether the hair is processed. If it is it should not be an expensive wig. If it isn't then it will be (just the nature of real unprocessed virgin is expensive). There are no people farms...long hair is even more difficult to achieve in these type of colours and in length.

Hope this helps a little.


Right now I wear a gemtress tricia in blonde. I really like the cap construction with a lace front and thin skin perimeter, monofilament top. But I'd love to try better hair. I ordered on of their "european" hair wigs last summer. The hair felt and looked beautiful, but the cap did not have thin skin around the ears(where it's most important to me). there actually was not enough of a tab to go in front of my ears to make me comfortable with pulling my hair back, which I like to do. I have none of my own hair and really need the lace and thin skin. So I returned it and have been searching for something with the thin skin, but nicer hair. It doesn't have to be european, I just want hair that moves and feels more like my own fine hair used to. The remy hair looks good pulled back but when it's down I feel like I need to brush it constantly to stop it from clumping. The gemtress european hair was about $1000 which I'm okay with, I just wish it had the thin skin by the ears.

Hi Ariel

Cathy may be able to help with hair that may suit your needs.

My personal feeling with regards to processed hair is that it never looks like natural growing hair (just my opinion).

Good luck with everything.




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