The past couple of months I've been experiencing what I think is regrowth, seeing "white" eye lashes, eye brows and hair on the scalp but it is non-pigmented. Basically you can only really see it in a certain light/angle, curious of any others that have seen this?? Not sure where this is going to lead but I hope it thickens and I see the color coming back soon. :] I visited a holistic doctor and came to the conclusion that the steroid ointments that I was given for my eczema caused my immune system to go haywire, it apparently can take up to 10 months for steroids to leave the system completely but looks like there's been success ever since I stopped using it! There are some hairs on the scalp that grow faster and are longer, more whispy while it looks like there is still a lot of finer, fuzzier baby hairs.

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This looks like some nice regrowth. Perhaps it is a late effect of the steroid.

Thank you! Yea, I was thinking since it's only been about 3-4 months since I've fully stopped using the steroid ointments that they're still in my system. 

Thank you and congrats to you as well! Hope you find out for sure what has been helping you :] Are your eyebrows and eyelashes non-pigmented as well? I'm super curious to see the process of the regrowth so this has all been very interesting to me haha

Nice to speak with someone who is experiencing the same thing as me! I fortunately don't have to deal with the tattoo problem though, glad that you can make light of it LOL. I'm with you though, I'm super excited that I can wear mascara again too, make up is a little hobby of mine as it is for most girls :]

My regrowth started as whitish blonde also, but within a month the pigment started coming in. My eyebrows and eyelashes are growing in dark. See pictures below. I'm now on month 3 of regrowth. I started taking Biotin during past month and I think it's speeding up the growth and pigmentation, but I'm primarily on Xeljanz.

Thank you for sharing that, looks like you're having some nice success!

Congratulations on your regrowth Behxo and thank you SO MUCH! My doctors at UCSF are excited as well because I'm their first Xeljanz patient and their first AU patient that has regrown hair. They might present my case at Grand Rounds or at an Alopecia Conference. I'm grateful to Pfizer's Xelsource (hardship program) as well for supplying me this $3,000 a month drug absolutely free! They even Fed Ex it to me free every month. But most importantly, I thank Jehovah God because I prayed for 6 years to have my hair back. The wigs were a huge burden until I went "au naturalle" this Spring and let everyone know about our disease and Xeljanz. I hope your hair growth continues, especially since you stopped using the steroids. What is your background with alopecia?

Oh wow, that's a huge deal how exciting! I hope everything goes well and that your growth continues as well, thank you! We might've gone through losing our hair but it helped us build our strength and character, helping us mold into who we are today. We are strong <3 I always had alopecia growing up but it was always small spots and now I realize it was probably every time I turned to steroids to help combat my eczema. I had always gone to the same derm but the last time I went, I had seen a new doctor and she gave me one of the strongest prescriptions. One ointment for my body and a cream for my face (you're not really supposed to use them on your face to begin with so no wonder it attacked my hair right away and so severely) so my body was basically packed with steroids. Needless to say, I tossed the ointments out lol

You have such a positive spirit despite everything. It's refreshing!

Thank you Xeljanzmiracle, for some reason there was no button to respond to you! We're all in this together and even though I may be a stranger over the internet, it's nice to provide some kind of support :] 

Where do you live?



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