I was told by another parent of a child with alopecia that the Hair Club for Men provide FREE REAL Hair Wigs for children up to the age of 18 with a diagnosed hair loss illness. Their child got one from this place and she is 16 and has had alopecia since age 10. I went to their website www.hairclub.com and clicked on the about us tab and sure enough it says Hair club for kids and it says FREE. CHECK IT OUT!! Hope I was of help to some out there.

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That's where one of my favorite wigs came from! I love my Hair Club wig! I can even waterski in it :) The free aspect is certainly fantastic too.
Hey Kaitrin, was told it was for children up to age 18, is this true or is it for anyone, b/c there is a woman in alopecia world that is trying to raise money for a wig and hasn't left her house or something like that b/c she doesn't have a wig or money to pay for it? Glad you posted, glad you got a wig you love.
My daughter wore their wigs and they give 3 free wigs a year and 8 free services for kids age 6-17. If you bring a picture prior to hairloss they will do a great job matching a color. It took us about 12 weeks to get and you will find that it does need to be replaced that often. And we only washed it about once or twice a week which was great. It is very low maintenance to care for.

Please help.  I just joined and am hopeful for honest answers and a support network.  My daughter has been diagnosed with Alopecia and losing hair at a quick pace.  She is in middle school and its getting hard for her to disguise/hide all the bald patches.  I think our next step is a hair piece but may quickly go to a wig.

Please HELP!

My daughter lost all her hair and month before her 6th birthday. I was devastated. She took it in stride and was fine for a while. I took her to hair club of America and they made her a beautiful wig. The problem is I am still not sure if her hair will ever come back.she is 8 years old now and there is still no sign of hair growth. She have gone through different treatments but nothing seems to work.I would also like some ideas if their is any out their.



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