I wear a Freedom hairpiece everyday which I absolutely love the security and the natural look of the hair. However, I am having serious issues with frizziness and it looking really dry. I use argan oil in it and have tried many products to eliminate the frizz, I also allow the hair to air dry after shampooing. Nothing seems to work, just wandering if anyone else has had this problem and if so what did you do about it? I am really bummed that it is not looking as smooth and silky as I would like it to or as it did when I first purchased which was only 8 months ago.

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Hi Cindy,
That is so strange. Try to get in touch with your IA to explain the issue and she would be happy to help you out. Is it possibly due to high humidity in which the hair will respond to the weather as any other natural hair would and begin to get more volume and slightly frizzy...just a thought. (Time for a visit to a salon for a colour after being in the sun? Your IA will be your best source to chat with and help resolve your issue. In the meantime, I have used a moisturizing mask on my hair (deep conditioner called "It's a ten". AMAZING product that may help and it smells fantastic!
Warm Wishes,
Jenn Krahn

It is very much possible that the humidity here is causing it to frizz after all this is Alabama. I will get in touch with my IA again about this and I will try It's a ten. I could just cry, the hair is extremely dry looking not at all like it did when I first got it. Thanks for your reply.


I just popped into your page and wondered if this is what you ordered from your IA. I'm trying reconcile this order to your piccie ( You have said,"I ordered the medium with light curl, I am finding it to be too thick for me too. I can't seem to style it well it wants to fall into my face. Thinking I will have it thinned a bit.".) As my daughter wears light curl, but in extra light implant. I thought it might be helpful if I tried to explain the difference between what a curl preference does and what an implant density is...as this may be contributing to your issues.

Curl preferences (light wave, light curl and heavy curl)give volume... curly hair behaves like people's growing curly hair. It has inherent qualities which are natural within the growing hair of the world's population (where the hair comes from). Volume is not the same as density. Volume gives you bigger looking hair. Curls in humidity will have fly aways...if you comb curls out they can become frizzy as well. I'm really not sure if this is what is happening with your hair, so please pop back to your IA and discuss this.

Density is the amount of hair put into your Wig. From the choice you have made with a medium implant...(which is one of Freedom's heaviest densities), I would feel you would have a lot of hair in your wig. Sometimes people get a little confused with this especially with a Freedom wig. Density does not equate to longevity. (with handtied and some conventional wigs density equates to how long the wig will last, because hair often sheds from those types of wigs....shedding does not occur in Freedom Wigs) Density only equates to the amount of hair implanted into your wig. I personally prefer light and extra light for my daughter and for many I help, especially if the wig has one of the curlier (curl preferences) because having a lot of curly hair can be difficult to control.

As your photo looks like a far lighter density than what I think may be your statement...it might not be as well, if I have this wrong I'm sorry.

The best course of action for you is to contact your Freedom Independent Agent and have a discussion around the issues you are having, so she can help you with a solution.


Just to help you understand the light curl choice...this is my daughter in her light curl, 10inch, extra light density. This hair has been washed, conditioned, had the curl squeezed into it when it is wet....then left to 100% dry before it is worn. Then Libby just shakes the hair, styles her fringe and this is the effect. If she was to comb these curls out the effect would be very different.

Hope this helps.

Hi Rose Marie, thanks so much for your reply. Your daughter's hair looks beautiful, It is very healthy looking. Mine not so much I have attributed it to the humidity here in Alabama. Not sure but I could cry, it has flyaways and is dry and frizzy. I will get in touch with my IA again, I have contacted her via email a few times already. The extra light density looks very thick also like a lot of hair.

The curl preference which is light curl gives a lot of volume...that's what my daughter wanted to achieve...I think getting an extra light implant for her works well with this curl preference as the volume in combination with the Xtra light density does not swamp her. Curly hair does have fly aways (ask anyone with curly hair and they will more than often say you have to do what the curls want to do) restyling curly hair can be a difficult job. If we were to brush the wig above we could definitely cause frizz and fly always. For my daughter to maintain this natural curl she really has to dampen her hair nightly and then shake and wear in the morning. Are you doing this with your hair. Also, shampooing and conditioning at least once a week is essential...just like with growing hair.

Good luck with everything I feel very confident that you will get the help you need.


I am shampooing weekly, yesterday I bought a curl serum which I used last night after washing and conditioning, I applied this then scrunched and allowed to air dry. It helped a lot. I will start dampening at night that is something I have not tried. Also, I emailed my IA and she said I got light wave not light curl. I guess that would still be close to the same. Anyhow I will continue to work with it. I do love it. I have been trying to achieve that smooth straight look which I had when I first had it styled. Didn't think about the humidity here affecting it so much. Thank you so much for your input.

I think that will help.

I was wondering if you prefer the smoother straighter hairstyle (your piccie), why you have got a light wave curl preference. Do you like to wear your hair smooth and styled sometimes, then other times wavy and natural? I can understand your decision on curl preference if that is the case. But if you really prefer your hair smooth and styled I think the next time you order a Freedom Wig it might be helpful to work with the straighter curl preferences (Straight, Straight-movement, movement, movement- light wave). Also, if you have found you have too much hair in your wig. I think the lighter implants would be good to try (light and extra light).


Exactly what I am thinking next time I will try the straight movement with light implants. I do prefer to wear my hair straight and styled most of the time. Thanks again for your help.




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