Hi all,

I have a weird question - my hair seems to be growing back, and it's gotten to the point now that I'm wondering whether I should actually try and grow it out...

I wear a freedom wig, and I'm totally adapted to wearing it now, works fine for me, so I'm happy to keep wearing it, but I started growing patches that I had to shave. I slowly realized they were growing more and more, to the point now where I seem to have only 2 dime size patches that DON'T have hair. It's dark (which is weird, because I was blond!) and my eyebrows etc have grown back, though those are still blonde.

I got AU in 2015, at 37 (no signs before) and all my hair head and body fell out in about 2 months. No changes, diet lifestyle or otherwise since then. I just cried a bit, got a wig, and keep mountain biking, climbing and drinking beer...

I guess my question is, is there any point going through the awkward transition / growing hair out phase, to see if it will grow, or is this just a phase, and it will fall out again? Don't really mind either way, just curious if it's worth it?? Has anyone had experiences with this?

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No changes at all. No diet changes, no lifestyle changes.

Interesting. I had almost no regrowth without having diet change and my most recent diet my hair has grown out in under 40 days. This is hair i haven't had in 1-2 years. 



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