When I came to grips with my Alopecia this past June (2013), and knew there was very little I could do about it, I let everyone I work with, love, and live with, know about it and warned them my appearance would change very soon, as I intended to shave it all off (the bald spots were just too ugly for me, if I could no longer style my hair).  I did, people accepted, hugged, supported, sent funny and humourous messages, etc.  One of the directors on my board also called me a name that might have been considered politically incorrect, because of a certain scarf wrap I wore one day, but I knew he was saying it with attempt to make light of a situation he might have felt difficult with, but wanted to acknowledge my 'condition'.

I don't wear a wig.  Don't want to.  I wear a cap and sometimes scarves when weather permits and I want to keep warm.  But at work, in the grocery store, while driving or out shopping or in a restaurant, I don't wear anything on my head.

I get stares, or sideways glances, and looks of sympathy (mostly from men I should say, and that quite surprises me).  However, my husband and I have taken to noticing these looks, and trying to imagine what the person seeing me, is really thinking.  Bob says to me now and again "Did you notice how much that cashier was staring at your head?"  and I answer, "No." and he will tell me something he imagines that person was thinking.  We laugh about it.

I want everyone to know that I am not sick, and that it is an autoimmune condition that has no other ill side effects FOR ME other than it sucks not having my lower eyelashes.  So I wear funny T-shirts where possible (weather permitting) that say "Sorry to hear about your Bad Hair Day.", or "Hair is over-rated.  Wear a Crown.", or "Baldacious" (MondoBaldo TM).  (PS, I have no financial interest in MondoBaldo, other than I love his T-shirts and his mission to help people accept and live with baldness.)

If we can educate, and humour, perhaps we might create more interest in research into Alopecia, and help boost the self esteem of the most important sufferers, the children and teens.  But hey, even they need to learn, hair is over-rated.  Put a crown on, or a super goofy hat.  My personal favorites is my Pigg-let cap complete with snout and curly tail at the back :)

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I'm 100% with you Kathleen. Great post!
Great attitude :) I loved your post!



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