I found this site online and it is based in Hong Kong.

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Maxine,  your emailed reply sounds like it came from wigway i.e. it doesn't make any sense and it sounds like you used google translate!!

Sylvia, sure looks the same to me. Wigsway has sent its little army out to try to counter act all the very bad criticism they are receiving. You accused "Maxine" of being from Wigsway and she did not deny it or even respond to the accusation. This same thing is happening on numerous other web sites.

Maybe my English is not good enough, but i want to say, please do not doubt other's identity. i'm a real person, so i give you my sincere suggestion, and i am denied. What a big satire. 

Recently I heard many complaint about Wigsway, I'am very sorry about that, but I think everything has two sides, just like coins, everyone needs have self choices,  if we have got what we want and satisfied product, then it's a good choice for us!

I want to apologize to Wigsway.  I just received my human hair wig.  It is beautiul and the perfect color too.  No flaws that I can see.  It was also an amazing value for real hair that appears to be remy,  After all I had read, I was very surprised.  This is a great wig.  I am a real person living in Florida.  IF anyone wants to talk to me, you can contact me on skype or FB.


I want to repeat that I received an amazing wig from Wigsway. Better than I could have imagined. This does not mean that all wigs from them will be great. But mine was.

I have and had a terrible experience. Infact Maxine sounds like one of the representatives I deal with.

SO i ordered a wig which was mostly straight with a slight wave at the front, I get this auburn curly mess with varying lengths and a net that hangs down. I complain and say how bad it is, they tell me to wash it that will fix it, I proceed to tell them it will be classed as ''used'' so I wont get my refund, for days they assure me they are not taking my money and it's custom made and cost them a lot. 
Long story short they tell me I can have a refund of 15$ for a 240 expenditure.

DO not risk ordering from these people, I don't care what good reviews there are when a company refuses to honour the consumer act and refund when on their site they claim they would. It's a nasty run business in which they do try take peoples money, if by any chance someone did receive a decent wig then it's like playing a lottery and I highly suggest you find a more reputable wig maker than this place, aside from the appalling customer service the wig itself was shockingly bad.

Their good reviews are fake i wouldnt trust them also

I have Alopecia and I am 99% bald aside from some hair patches. I wanted to try something with a little more volume so I bought a wig from wigsway. Loved it! It held up very well for several months. I ordered another one but sadly I didn't have the same love the second time. I found the lace front to get sparse very quickly. I had to keep moving the part because of this. I also found the lace front to get itchy and irritating - it wasn't as comfortable as the first time. The ends also got frayed very fast. I just ordered another wig in a different style. Hoping for better luck! That's all my experience, Hope it can help you.

yes i ordered a wig very disappointed with the wig didnt look any thing like the wig... I sent it back without a tracking number and i lost my money and they took back the wig.. They are dishonest dont buy from these crooks... id rather have no hair than buy any wigs from this fake and dishoneset company



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