I have been searching for a hat with hair that was reasonably priced. The website for Hatswithhair.com - they are in Tampa - look really nice, but really pricey. For those prices, would rather buy a whole wig! OK so went on Namebrandwigs site and searching (again) and came upon some reasonably priced hats with hair by Henry Margu. Check them out....

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I am going to go to the Margu website and ask when I get the chance, because Namebrandwigs I don't think would know the answer. I really don't want a hat attached, I have so many cute hats I would like to change out and get some use out of. They used to look cute on me when I had enough hair to make them fit right. Now, not so much !! The Hatswithhair shop is a little bit of a drive for me, and their hours not so great with working every day, and then my day off, I have a huge to-do list to take care of. They are really so cute, but way too overpriced for me. But truly, I would get more use out of a hat with hair, in my everyday life here in FL. trying to dodge the sun. It would be cooler and easier to run errands in.

I asked some questions. Yes, indeed, some hats have the hair attached, so therefore you are always going to have to wear the SAME hat. I don't know about wanting to do that. Since I have so many cute hats. Then I questioned about the ones that you can wear your own hat, but was told that if I have hats, and I do, that have the velcro tab in the back, with the round hole, that the halo hair does not cover that portion??? I did view a video on Wigs.com for a halo I like, and it seems like that would not be the case and I could interchange hats. When I get the time soon enough, I will bite the bullet and order one from Namebrandwigs. It is really not expensive at all, so I guess if I have to incurr a return s&H charge, so be it. Or maybe, it might work with some hats that do not have that type of velcro tab. As I have lost hair, that velcro tab is so necessary, as my head gets smaller!!



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