My name is Hayley. I am new to the group. I am 22 years old and was informed of my alopecia at the age of 16. Although I knew two other people with other forms of alopecia, I have always kept the information between myself and a select few people. I have tried treatments, including the awful shots in my head, nothing has worked. I always knew the spots that were affected by the alopecia and knew how to hide it, until recently. Unfortunately it has gotten worse. I have lost a large amount of hair from the left middle section of my scalp going all the way to the back. It has caused more issues in terms of trying to hide it. Has anyone had the issue of their alopecia getting worse and possibly having to shave their head? I don't want to have to shave it for many reasons, but as it becomes more difficult to hide, I am worried it may have to happen. 

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Hi Hayley,

i have had alopecia since since I was 15 (Amy now 26) the same as you I could always hide it somehow and have had every treatment going and at points I had completley got rid of it. But unsurprisingly it came back. I have now lost most of the back of my head but I can never bring myself to shave it or cut what I do have. I instead went and got a wig and my god was it the best thing I’ve ever done. I always saw getting a wig as admitting defeat ( I do not mean this as I think everyone who gets one is I just mean that I myself convinced myself that’s what I would be doing). I honestly have not had this much confidence since before I got alopecia. I spent a lot of money on it as I know sometimes cheaper ones can look bad so didn’t want to risk it. 

I would say maybe give that a go if you can’t bring yourself to shave. 

Thank you. I really wish I could get a wig so that I could shave it, but unfortunately I am broke. I am a graduate student and I am going for my phd so I am in a lot of debt right now. Like you said the cheap ones can sometimes look bad. But I am so happy that it works for you!


I have the same problem.  I am in high school and the struggle is real.  I have just been putting my hair up in pony tails, but as I am gaining new patches I have also considered shaving my head.  Please let me know if you find anything helpful

x audrey

Hi Audrey and Hayley, 

I have clients your age who also had alopecia. I say "had" as i've helped them to better health, and regrow their hair. There are many factors to healing, my approach is holistic and natural. No side effects except positive health/hair. Check out my site, perhaps you would want to join us! 

IG alopecia_angel 


Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity but I am afraid I am too broke from college to afford it. 



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