I have enjoyed this website for a year now. I have AA and maybe male pattern baldness. I'm a 50 year old women and have had this for 16 years. I have no eyebrows and few eyelashes. No eyelashes on the bottom. I went to the dermatologist. when I was first diagnosed, he gave me steroids and topical solutions. Nothing worked. I resolved to only use Nioxin shampoo, Rogaine and take biotin. Brown eye pencilhas worked wonders for brows and lashes. I also have bangs to hide the bare spots when the so called waterproof eye pencil wears off
Anyway, my problem is this. My hair comes in and falls out. My hair comes in and falls out. I have had hokey pokey hair for 16 years. It never gets bad enough to wear a wig. But I always look like a sick, molting bird. Does anyone else have this?

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Hey how its going? Thanks for sharing 

I'm in my thirties and i Have had AA for over ten years. We maybe in similar situation. I have excessive hair shedding but it doesn't get bad enough for a a wig but my hair sheds way more than normal. the research I have done instructs to eat right and exercise but i feel like there are more things that can help as well. If you feel like chatting send me a message anytime 

Love the title! Yep.. I can really relate. When i came home from a job assignment, my boyfriend "checked" my hair to see if it was still bald on the temple and crown.  They were slightly bald, but growing in slowly.  He was pretty baffled at this phenomena and said: "Why does it do that"?

I had to reiterate to him, that it was alopecia.

Before, i would wear my hair in a bun.  For the last 2 years i can't.  that right temple and crown fell out, and are taking their dear sweet time growing back in.

What's even weirder? Huge bald spots would show up randomly on my head.  Then grow back in - then fall out again.  Lately, they've grown in permanently - so far.  The only two areas that seem to stubbornly keep playing the "hokey pokey" are the temple and crown.

Lately, they are starting to grow in - but who's to say if it will be permanent?  Until then, i wear wigs.  There isn't any style i that will cover up that palm sized bald on the right.



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