Hi all,
I am new to this forum and I very much support the idea.
Currently I have like 5 pathces of lost hair but I havent used any treatment for some few years. Since I suffer from alopecia areata for some 18 years I have used many medications, treatments etc. With knowledge of previous therapies I have deciced to create home made balm and to use it for for few months and see if any progress is made.
The ingredients are following:
1. Garlic (raw meshed) 5%
2. Clove (herb, raw, cut) 5%
3. Propolis (used some already bought medicine with 'propolis only' for some skin issues) 10%
4. Tedonal (it is antirheumatic cream basilcy for skin irritation) 5%
5. Povidone-iodine 25%
6. Alcohol (used some Whiskey for this occasion) 35%
7. Some orange body scrub (added that to neutralise the smell) 5%
8. Honey 10%
So I mixed all togather (no explosion made, good) and aplied it with cotton mostly on patches but I recomend whole scalp.I have used all of those ingreedients in various therapies with relative success. Regarding 4 I do not recoment puting such medicine in balm unless you consult some dermatologist, but you can make balm without 4 since all those stuff were helpfull in my personal experience in past. Also you do not need 8 but I felt like adding something more. 5 is safe used it lot of times on its own. Actually I think of removing 4 from the balm, alcohol already have iritational effect as well as garlic.
You can safely use 1,2,3 and 5 or 1,2,3 and 6 togather unless you are alergic or something and if you feel some undesired effect stop the treatment, but still consult your dermatologist if you do plan to apply similar balm. You can use each of 1-6 individualy but for 4 do consult dermatologist.
For example you can apply only raw garlic on patches did that in past and it has good effect, bad side of it is the smell. Also you can apply clove mixed with alcohol, also effective.
All of those stuff was speeding up hair regrow it did not prevent new patches from occuring at least I dont think so. Also you need to be pateint with any medication since with say garlic you can have your hair grown in 3 months instead of 6 but you wont have new hair in few days.
What do you think of ingedients? Have you used any of 1-6 in past?

Update of my last post... Since I experienced headache last night and this morning I do not advise using such balm due to side effects. Think I have made it too strong but effects of it reached its peak after I have washed my hair. I will revise my balm probably remove tedonal and try it today so if headache goes away I guess such balm would be usable.

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