Hello. I'm new to this site and have tried to find information as to the actual price range of Freedom and Follea wigs. I realize the cost is dependent on several factors, however, I'm just looking for a range. I'm not interested in long hair, and I should hope this will reduce the price some for these manufacturers.

However, when I've searched this site for an answer to this question, I can only find vague answers I.e., "They're expensive/pricey," but, "they last a long time (many years) so they're worth it," and they give several reasons why. But, I haven't seen any actual numbers given. Perhaps I've overlooked posts that include this specific information (although several people have indicated they own a Follea or Freedom wig)?

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Follea used to list their prices on their website in a way that was fairly easy to find, but looks like they don't anymore.  Generally, for a wig (not a toppette), you're looking at prices ranging from $2300 to $7000+, all dependent on the type of system you choose*, the length of the hair (longer = more $), and the color (blonde = more $).  

3rd party vendors sell Follea and list their prices.  See, for example, Wilshire Wigs: https://www.wilshirewigs.com//brands/follea-wigs-hairpieces.html.  See also The Wig Emporium: http://www.thewigemporium.com/Daniel-Alain-Follea-Toppers-2017-Wigs

My Follea back in 2008 cost $3500 -- it was a brunette, about 14 inches -- so, overall, the prices have stayed pretty much the same over the years.  It was a hand-tied lace system, no longer sold.

Follea guarantees their wigs for 50 washes, which generally translates to 2 years (wash every 2 weeks).  The hair held up extremely well for me; the cap stretched out over the 2 years (that's what happens with caps).

*The old Aero system and the new Rene system are the cheapest.  I think the Aeros are being phased out, so you can only get them as old stock from 3rd party vendors.  From what I recall of the new Rene system (I looked into it a while back), it seemed like the cap might be rather fragile -- which means that it won't last as long, which means that you may have to buy a new one before the standard 2 years are up.

I don't have info about Freedom wigs, but again, I'd advise looking at 3rd party vendors who may include prices on their websites.  You may have to use your Google skills here.

Thank you, Stacie!  Your reply was very helpful and forthright.  I will follow your suggestions.

Hi m from Australia and I have 3 freedom wigs, I usually got shoulder length hair and mine cost abt 4500. They have a website and I'm sure if you contacted them they'd put you on to someone near where you live for more info. Www.freedomwigs.com

Thanks for the quote, Kathi.  I recently contacted my area Freedom wig rep. and set up an appointment, for more information.  I'm likely going to purchase one...the wigs I have are good quality, but they still don't look or feel quite right to me.  So, I'm excited to try a vacuum wig.  It might not be ready until December, but I'll post some pics after it's delivered, if I decide to purchase one.



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