Hi everyone.... My daughter just received a wig from wigs for kids and its beutiful and she loves it the only problem is that the wig does not stay on i put the double sided red tape that was given to us but seems to not be enough the wig keeps on sliding back. she is a very active little girl and we live in Las vegas where the weather is very hot she sweats which is why i think the tape is not working. she really wants to use it when she goes back to school i just think the wig will not stay on all day. any advice as to what to use to help it stay on? thank you in advance

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Hi, I use to wear a hair system and I used both double-sided tape and glue. The glue was "Tiddy Tite" (I think) but I would call wigs for kids and ask them what you should do. Are you making sure that the area (head) is clean and dry and that the band piece on the wig is clean and smooth? I use to put the tape on the wig first than placed the wig on the front side of my head first than pulled it slowly back making sure it was at the temples, then over and down. Hope that helps.
P.S. Are you using tape all around or just in certain places? I use to use tape all around, but I think it was the glue that kept it on. I have a vacuum wig now which is so secure, no tape, no glue.
thank you pat and Karen for your advice
thank you.... i just order the super tape we are also going to try the caps under the wig we'll see how that works



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