The other day my husband's stupid friend that I already hated asked me in front of a bunch of people if I was wearing a wig because "my scalp looked tight". I wanted to crawl in a hole for all eternity. I lost it for the rest of the day. I have already been hating my wig that I spent almost two grand on and this really sent me over the edge because for that kind of money people shouldn't be able to tell, especially some typical slub like his friend. I am still learning how to see wigs in a positive light and this was a big set back considering I attempted suicide over my hair loss only four years ago. Now I am so paranoid that everyone can tell.

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I'm sorry that the posts have scared you:( each person has had some bad experiences but I think it would be safe to say that the majority do not deal with constant day to day battles with people about wearing a wig I'm not saying there may not be a few who have mean co-workers who are cruel to them about them wearing a wig but I think for the most part a lot of people don't know we wear wigs and that those that do are usually curious why we wear them. But there is the occasional insensitive or cruel person who may hurt us... but try to remember the wig ,our hair does not define who we are as a person and spiritual being!!! The wigs can make/help things better:) I have a few different ones I wear which is great I can have long hair one day and short the next I try to make it fun and enjoyable so try to not be worried about having to wear one in the future it can be a fun experience if you want it to be:)

Thank you sci fi babe, I suppose it's just the next step along my situation but I just feel its so scary and sad that people can treat others in this way, what happened to live and let live? We all have our individual weaknesses but we also have our individual and amazing strengths - hair or no just doesn't help when people knock you for their amusement or self support/gratification. I would love 5 minutes with the man that said that to Serene! Hay ho.

I sympatie with you. I just started a job. I'm in a bar. The people out there know each other. They talk together and I know it. I lose all my ways. I forget my orders. I become like a girl who can not think. I'm too upsets by everything that can think and say. I am a very sensitive person. I feel the people around me. Two days ago, I did not finish my day more. I burst into tears. People are evil. People close to me, so judge me. I do not know where I'll find the strength. But I understand you so much.
I would have liked better to have cancer!

Courage all of us!

Anna, can you get a job with children or doctors instead? Bar folk are insensitive, base everything on looks, and are impaired in judgment from drinking. Teaching or the medical field may be less cruel. Also, make sure you get a nice wig and present your best self each day.

Anna, if this is an environment that is so negative for you, is it possible to find employment elsewhere? It just sounds like it's not worth it.

If he genuinly thought you were wearing a wig then he wouldn't have said it! I hope he wouldn't have been that cruel!
People have only commented on mine by saying like your hair always looks perfect, or do you dye it etc? They are then really shocked and a little embarased when I say wear a wig!!
Randomly a child I work with did shout it out to me once but then the adults were like 'what are you on about?' I do think children sense these things more than adults sometimes!
Please do not be paranoid though! xx

Honestly I was really surprised that this guy noticed because he's just a sloppy nerd. I could see if he was a hairdresser or even gay but trust me his sense of style is that of a hobo.

Hey, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I was so scared of situations like this, I decided to tell everyone I'm wearing a wig, so no one even thinks of asking such stupid questions. I told my bf friends, and they told each other. So now everybody (except some person I work with) know. I decided not to tell my coworker, because I don't like her. She disses me on every occasion, talks behind my back. Knowing I have a wig, I think, would give her more power. And nobody told her, because she is a jerk :). So it will always happen- one mean person commenting on your weak spots. It happens to overweight, too skinny, people with big noses and so on. Usually people who give inappropriate comments are low in self esteem. So they bite first. I think if you say something mean back you will hit the right spot-if you feel that is the right way. I would just ignore him and also tell my hubby to have a loooong conversation with his friend... And wigs are cool, if you learn how to enjoy them, they are soo cool. I have 15 wigs, one of them expensive, other cheap, blond, red, dark, short... They are fun :)



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